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Digital Marketing Internship

Major: Multimedia Journalism At this internship, I was in charge of running the social media for the company while I was there. I also helped with Graphic Design elements, technological skills, and compiling analytics.

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Reporting for the Washington Blade

Major: Multimedia Journalism Working from Washington D.C. over the summer, I served as a reporter for the Blade covering my area of interest and focus, national politics. I reported on numerous stories from Capitol Hill and other areas to relate news in the political arena to how they affected the LGBTQ community. In doing so, I covered events including press conferences as the Capitol featuring high-profile members of Congress and was the Blade's on-the-ground reporter at the epicenter of protests outside the U.S. Supreme Court on the day of its decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization to rescind the nationwide right to abortion access.

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Local Spins Music Reporter

Major: Multimedia Journalism Most of the tasks given to myself and my fellow interns were concert and festival reviews. After being given a specific event to cover, I was asked to describe the scene of the show, what songs were sung, how the audience reacted to the music, and to get a quote from a concertgoer and/or a band member. We were also given a final project in which we were asked to find a local band, conduct an interview, and piece together a feature story about the band and their influence on the local music scene.

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Morning Host

Major: Multimedia Journalism During this internship, I was on air from 9-11 on Monday's and Wednesday's. I played music and talked between songs. I also helped run concerts the station put together and broadcasted live from them. I also helped fundraise for the station.

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The Journey Begins

Major: Multimedia Journalism During the course of my internship, I assisted the producer for the West Michigan Live show, and then worked in the newsroom for the other part of my shift. For the morning show, I would help with pre and post production by finding statistics and other stories that would help to prep Neal Dionne (host for the show), and after the show I would update the website with the podcast and blog. In regards to the newsroom, I would interview subjects for news stories, write the stories, and edit the audio.

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Production Internship

Major: Multimedia Journalism Assisted camera operators, learned how to work teleprompter, learned how to properly cue talent, etc.

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The Kirsten Haglund Foundation

Major: Multimedia Journalism Job Description As an intern for the Kirsten Haglund Foundation I had multiple responsibilities. My title was the social media and events intern. I was responsible for creating press releases and sending the press releases out to multiple news sources. I would then follow up with these news organizations in an effort to get Kirsten Haglund, founder of the organization, in the media to promote various events that we would be putting on. I was also responsible for creating event advertisements through constant contacts. As an intern I would go to every event and help put the event on by helping set up at the event and by helping with multiple activities during the event. Promoting the Kirsten Haglund Foundation through social media was another very important job that I had. I was responsible for promoting various events and articles through multiple social media sources. As an intern for this foundation I had many job responsibilities that took a fair amount of my time to meet.

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