Student Organizations Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Event Services to reserve space for my event?

You can reserve space through Event Services by calling (616) 331-2350, emailing or by coming to our office in Kirkhof Center 1110. 

How do I reserve a lobby table in Kirkhof for my student organization?

Kirkhof Center lobby tables are available to student organizations and must be reserved through Event Services. You must specify the type of event (fundraiser, bake sale, sales & solicitation, etc.) and fill out the appropriate forms. A Commercial Activity form must be filled out for any sale taking place.  An Expressive Activity  form must be filled out if your organization is handing out flyers or any type of literature. Click here for policies and forms. For more information about reserving lobby tables please call (616) 331-2350.

Where are the Expressive Activity areas for organizations to use?

On the Allendale Campus there are two designated locations. Organizations may use the area surrounding the Cook Carillon Tower or the plaza surrounding the Transformational Link (the blue sculpture). Use of these areas may be scheduled as an event space through Event Services. Please call (616) 331-2350 if you have any questions.

Can I bring in food from a vendor that is not part of Grand Valley campus dining?

In order to bring any food into the building that is not ordered from campus dining, a food waiver form must be filled out and returned to campus dining to be approved. Food waivers are available in the campus dining office located in the lower level of Kirkhof Center near Fusion.

We are located within the Office of Student Life. Events Services is a department of the Division of Student Affairs of Grand Valley State University.