Welcome to Computer Engineering at GVSU

Studying Computer Engineering opens the door to work concerning state-of-the-art programmable electronic devices with embedded controllers and other computer chips commonly found in a wide variety of machinery ranging from sophisticated vehicles to jet aircraft to smart phone and tablet computers. 

At GVSU, Computer Engineering is combination of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.  Studies at the intersection of these two disciplines uniquely prepares the student for challenges of the workplace and graduate education.  Preparation includes hands-on learning through laboratory and project experience in many courses as well as three semesters of paid co-operative education in an engineering company.

Fundamental to all engineering, these cutting edge applications focus on enhancing people’s lives and the public good. Our mission is to equip students with the scientific and technical background, the experiential and professional training, and the problem-solving skills, needed to enable them to perform with excellence, and lead, in their engineering careers. 

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Computer Engineering Chair

Dr. Parikh

Chirag Parikh, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Computer Engineering

Office Address: 351 Kennedy Hall of Engineering
Phone: (616) 331-7318
Email: [email protected]

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