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School of Engineering Offers One-Year Accelerated Master's Degree

February 22, 2021

School of Engineering Offers One-Year Accelerated Master's Degree

The School of Engineering at Grand Valley State University (GVSU) is making completion of a Master’s degree more manageable than ever with a new accelerated program for Master of Science in Engineering (M.S.E.) students that can be completed in just one year. The M.S.E. program educates engineers to be technical leaders in industry as well as to pursue higher education in Biomedical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Operations, and Product Design and Manufacturing Engineering.

“This one-year program is geared towards motivated students who would like to acquire advanced technical skills in a shortened time frame and position themselves for leadership roles in industry,” said Dr. Shabbir Choudhuri, Engineering Graduate Program Director.

Like the traditional M.S.E. program, the one-year M.S.E. program is 33 credits, but it can be completed in less than 12 months, whereas the traditional M.S.E. program takes two years to complete. The accelerated program offers the same high-quality learning experience as the traditional program, providing students with hands-on experiential education and access to the same expert faculty. 

Students in the accelerated M.S.E. program will receive individualized support from faculty in building a customized program plan which will allow them to complete the requirements in 12 months, enter the workforce faster, and begin earning more sooner. A Bachelor’s degree in Engineering with a minimum of 3.0 GPA is required for admission.

“The M.S.E. program at GVSU was invaluable because it not only helped me understand different topics within my industry, but it also provided real-world skills that made me more valuable to my employer,” said M.S.E. alum, Michael Stratton. “I would recommend the M.S.E. program at GVSU to anyone looking for continued professional development.” 

International alum, Shahan Khan, agreed that the GVSU M.S.E. program was valuable in advancing his career. “No institution can teach you how to do your job in your profession, but a good engineering program will establish a problem-solving mindset in you which will make you ready to approach any challenges ahead,” Shahan explained. “The GVSU M.S.E. program helped me to visualize the opportunities and obstacles in progressing towards my career, and prepared me by providing an appropriate project-based curriculum and experienced mentors."

Visit the Accelerated Graduate Program in Engineering website for more information.

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