Teacher Internships in BCPS

Scholarships for GVSU Teacher Interns in Battle Creek Public Schools


PLEASE NOTE: The status of this scholarship for the 2025-26 academic year is still pending, but we still encourage interested students to apply.

*Limited scholarships are available and placements are not guaranteed.  All undergraduate CECI students in Elementary, Secondary, & Special Education programs and GTC students are encouraged to apply, regardless of their permanent and local addresses.

Scholarships are awarded based on the availability of a placement and a mentor teacher meeting individual certification requirementsPlease see details below.

*Students can apply for both the Battle Creek Student Teaching Internship Scholarship and the MI Future Educator Stipend.

*Participation in the internship program does not obligate you to employment by BCPS after graduation from GVSU.

GVSU Intern and her Mentor Teacher

A Fall 2023 intern, Asha, and her BCPS Mentor Teacher, Ms. Babcock, talk about teaching together.

Note about classes that you take during your internship semester: Please be aware that if you register for in-person classes, you will be required to travel to campus, unless you have made prior arrangements with your instructor(s).

Students will have the potential for expedited hiring for open teaching positions in Battle Creek Public Schools after graduation; however, you are not obligated to employment by BCPS after graduation from GVSU.

First-year BCPS teachers also have the opportunity to be mentored by GVSU faculty for a full year.

GVSU BCPS Intern Kassidy

A Fall 2023 Intern, Kassidy, shares about her BCPS teaching experience.

Scholarship funding covers:                                                                                                                                

  • Tuition for up to 16 credit hours
  • A stipend up to $4,300* to cover the following educational expenses:
    • $4,000 for housing
    • $200 for books
    • $100 for gas
      * Final stipend amounts can vary, depending on your overall financial aid package. Please be aware that final decisions about scholarship eligibility are determined by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.  All Financial Aid policies apply, including Satisfactory Academic Progress.
    • Your stipend will be sent to you in the form of a financial aid refund during the second week of your internship semester.  You can log in to myBanner and check your eBill to see what the amount of your refund will be. Details about the ways you can receive and use your refund are here.
    • When searching and applying for housing, you can inform leasing offices that you will be receiving a scholarship to help pay for your housing expenses.  The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships will have a link on their website that lets you request a Landlord Letter for this situation.  If you need a letter before the link is on the website, you can request one by contacting the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at 1-800-748-0246 or [email protected].

Battle Creek Student Teacher Internship Video

Listen to GVSU students and alumni who teach in Battle Creek Public Schools talk about their internship experiences.

Scholarship Acceptance Form - Complete only after you have been notified of an internship placement within Battle Creek Public Schools.

Battle Creek Apartments - Information about housing options, how you will receive your funds, requesting landlord letters, etc.

For more information, please contact Dr. Lamont Vines at [email protected].

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