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The first years of teaching are often filled with challenges, and most early career teachers (ECT) face those challenges in relative isolation. The primary purpose of the BCPS/GVSU Mentoring Program is to provide personalized support to ECTs in Battle Creek Public Schools.

Within the Mentoring Program, ECTs are matched with an experienced mentor who provides a range of services and supports designed to meet the individualized needs of each ECT. Strong collaboration and communication ensure a personalized approach.

Specifically, each ECT meets with his or her mentor to set initial goals for the year, plan for the launch of the school year, and schedule the first few visits. Mentors visit the ECTs’ classrooms a minimum of 18 times for 2-3 hours each visit. During the visits, mentors provide a range of services and supports, including but not limited to the following:

Example Classroom Supports:

  • Co-teaching
  • Model teaching
  • Small group instruction for the purposes of learning about students
  • One-on-one instruction for the purposes of learning about students
  • Rehearsals of instructional and behavioral interventions
  • Assistance with class-wide assessments

Example Coaching Supports:

  • Observations of teaching with immediate feedback
  • Co-planning of lessons
  • Rehearsals of instructional and behavioral interventions
  • Preparation for professional collaborations
  • Brainstorming or suggesting interventions or approaches

Example Planning Supports:

  • Identifying needed materials and support
  • Reviewing lesson plans
  • Co-analyzing student work and assessments

Early career teachers (ECTs) also participate in a community of practice course, meeting monthly for a total of 20 clock hours over the academic year with their peers and lead mentors.

If they register for all required credit hours, at the end of the academic year participating ECTs will receive a $1,000 stipend and 9 graduate credits - 6 for consistent engagement with their mentor and 3 for participation in the EDI 680 course.

For questions about the BCPS/GVSU Mentoring Program, please contact Melissa Pierczynski at pierczym@gvsu.edu or Dori Helder at helderd@gvsu.edu.

Research Presentations about the Early Career Teacher Mentoring Program

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