High-Leverage Teaching Practices

Professional Development for Battle Creek Public School Teachers!

Core Teaching Practices: Teaching and Leading Through an Equitable Lens

GVSU College of Education & Community Innovation Presenters

Megan Freudigmann and Sheryl Vlietstra
Teaching & Learning Senior Affiliate Faculty

Teacher in classroom

High-Leverage Teaching Practices Professional Development sessions are available to all Battle Creek Public School teachers as self-paced, online TTI (Transformational Teacher Institute) modules.

High-Leverage Teaching Practices (HLPs) are critical practices that research has demonstrated can impact student achievement and be used across different content areas and grade levels. They form a “common core of professional knowledge and skill that can be taught to aspiring teachers across all types of programs and pathways” (Ball & Forzani, 2011, p. 19). HLPs can provide infrastructure to support effective teaching and consistent learning for every student to succeed.

High-Leverage Practices

  • Leading a discussion
  • Explaining and modeling content
  • Eliciting and interpreting
  • Diagnosing patterns of student thinking
  • Implementing norms and routines for discourse
  • Coordinating and adjusting instruction
  • Establishing and maintaining community expectations
  • Implementing organizational routines
  • Setting up and managing small group work
  • Building respectful relationships
  • Communicating with families
  • Learning about students
  • Setting learning goals
  • Designing lessons
  • Checking student understanding
  • Selecting and designing assessments
  • Interpreting student work
  • Providing feedback to students
  • Analyzing instruction

For more information, please contact Megan Freudigmann ([email protected]) or Sheryl Vlietstra ([email protected]).

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