Smishing Awareness

For more information on how to block spam, you can visit the resources below:

Zoom | Block Zoom Calls Android | Block Phone & Text Messages iPhone | Block Phone & Text Messages

(Tip: Test yourself and see if you can verify where the link is sending you by hovering over the button.)

What is Smishing?

Smishing is a type of cyber-attack that involves sending fraudulent or deceptive text messages (SMS) to individuals in an attempt to trick them into revealing sensitive personal information, such as login credentials, financial information, or other confidential data.

  • The term "smishing" is a combination of "SMS" (Short Message Service, which is used for text messaging on mobile phones) and "phishing" (a term used to describe similar attacks conducted via email).


Before you reply to messages use these tips to help avoid responding to spam:

  1. The message is unsolicited:
    • Double-check the sender if you weren't expecting to receive a text message.
  2. The message contains a link:
    • Look closely at the link. If the message says it's coming from GVSU, but the URL doesn't link to a GVSU website, don't click the link.
  3. The message contains an urgent call to action:
    • If the message claims to be from the HR department saying you won money "click now to claim", chances are this is fake.
  4. The message promises money:
    • GVSU will never notify you via text that you won a million dollars. We wish but this is 100% fake.
  5. The message has terrible grammar:
    • President Mantella will never message you asking for money in all under-case letters. 
  6. The message claims to be a friend or family member asking for help:
    • Spoofing phone numbers is easy and very common. If you receive an alarming message from a friend or family member, call them directly to verify. 

Smishing Example


Tip: Here is an example of reported smishing. Notice how the sender is not part of the user's contact list.

If you see something, say something. Use the links below to report or view smishing security issues. 

  Report Smishing View Reported Smishing  Report Issue or Incident

Page last modified November 8, 2023