Enhanced Network Protection with Threater

GVSU is excited to partner with Threater Enforce,  a network protection and cyber intelligence tool.

GVSU IT is continually looking for effective ways to ensure our network's safety and security. As part of this endeavor, the university has recently deployed Threater Enforce. Threater allows us to gather cyber intelligence data in real-time, at a large scale to eliminate known threat actors from exploiting our network.We utlize the following:

  • Multi-source Verification: Threater collects intelligence from a wide range of trusted sources, ensuring that an entity is broadly recognized as a threat before taking action.
  • Focused on Bad Actors: The tool's primary function is to eliminate known threat actors and their infrastructure, preventing them from exploiting our network.
  • Transparency and Oversight: GVSU IT maintains strict oversight over the process, ensuring that the implementation of Threater Enforce aligns with our values of open inquiry and academic freedom.

Threater collects and manages millions of compromise indicators and many of the industry’s top threat intelligence feeds. This is to identify and eliminate hostile network activity. Cyber intelligence from sources including government agencies, open-source organizations, and private companies dedicated to gathering, analyzing, and disseminating information about cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and activities is aggregated and then harnessed to block known threat actors. These factors enhance the protection of our network traffic and ensure a more secure environment for GVSU.

“Threater Enforce deploys and enforces data - in real time - at scale - across your entire network and blocks all known bad threat actors from ever entering your network.”

Threater Enforce

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Page last modified April 15, 2024