Violence Prevention Education

why violence prevention matters

The Why

Violence prevention education comes in many forms and can cover an array of different topics. We focus on issues of gender-based violence and use an anti-oppression lens to explore the different ways we can collectively work together to form a compassionate community. Our programming aims to create spaces that are affirming and supportive for victim/survivors and advocates for healing, restorative practices, and growth.

how it works

How it works

  • You may request a workshop by clicking the associated icon below 
  • You will be prompted to complete a request form 
  • Please allow at least 5 business days to hear back about your request 
  • Submitting a form does not guarantee CWGE's ability to fulfill your workshop request 
  • You will be contacted by a CWGE staff member to discuss your request and confirm details 
  • We are happy to share promotion for your workshop, but CWGE is not responsible for getting attendees to your program or creating promotional materials 

Request a customized workshop!

Not sure what program is right for you? No problem! 

Fill out a request form explaining what you want out of your workshop and a CWGE staff member will arrange a meeting to discuss your programming needs. We ask that your customized workshop request be submitted 14 days prior to your program to ensure adequate staffing and time for content creation.

Intro to Gender-Based Violence

This workshop will create a foundational knowledge of gender-based violence in the United States. An overview of historical context, important definitions, options for support at GVSU, and an open space for questions and discussion will be provided.  

Workshop platform: In-person or Virtual 

Run time: 60 minutes 

Audience: Students, staff, or faculty 

Supporting Victims + Survivors 

Challenge yourself to reimagine a society that affirms victim/survivors and seeks healing and justice in all forms. During this workshop participants will learn tangible ways to support victim/survivors and reexamine what we think healing should look like. 

Workshop platform: Virtual or in-person

Run time: 90 minutes 

Audience: Students, Staff, Faculty 

A Deep Dive into Healthy Relationships

Relationship workshops typically focus solely on romantic partners, but what about your relationships with family? Friends? YOURSELF? During this workshop, participants will gain information and tools to foster healthy boundaries, build communication skills, and identify healthy vs. unhealthy relationship behaviors. 

Workshop platform: In-person or Virtual

Run time: 60 minutes 

Audience: Students, staff, or faculty 


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