Special Education Support and Resources

GVSU values an inclusive environment where all children are embraced and supported in their school environment. Toward that end, the GVSU CSO offers a variety of support and resources to help charter schools, including:

  • Special education consultation
  • Comprehensive special education program review
  • Access to state, federal and national resources

If you can't find information you seek or have more questions about special education, please contact your GVSU School Support Specialist.

Resource Bank

State, federal and national resources are identified below to assist you with gaining an understanding of your legal obligations for identifying and providing a free appropriate public education within the least restrictive environment for children identified or suspected of having a disability under state and federal law. Additional resources are provided for ease of access and to support compliance with other key laws impacting schools and/or preserving the rights of individual with disabilities. 

Michigan Resources

Michigan Department of Education

MDE Special Education Guidance Documents

MDE Curriculum Content Resources

MDE Special Education Resources

MDE State Data Resources

Other MDE/ISD Resources

National/Federal Resources

Inclusive Schools Resources

Inclusive Schools Network 

Additional Resources for Individuals