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GVSU CSO Team Directory

First Name Last Name Email Title Office Phone Action
Bill Barker barkerwi@gvsu.edu School Consultant (616) 331-2240 View
Leah Breen breenle@gvsu.edu Deputy Director for School Performance (616) 331-2240 View
Matt Cawood, Ph.D. cawoodm@gvsu.edu School Consultant (616) 331-2240 View
Sarah Constable constabs@gvsu.edu Office Assistant (616) 331-2240 View
Michael Cousins cousinmi@gvsu.edu Assistant Director of Communications and External Affairs (616) 331-2240 View
Cheryl Edwards-Cannon, MM edwardc1@gvsu.edu School Consultant (616) 331-2240 View
Brooke Franklin frankbro@gvsu.edu School Consultant (616) 331-2240 View
Sherri Hall hallsh@gvsu.edu Administrative Assistant (616) 331-2240 View
Barry Hall II, MBA, M.Ed., Ed.D. hallbarr@gvsu.edu Director of Charter Through College Programs (616) 331-2240 View
Robert Kimball, Ed.D. kimbalro@gvsu.edu Associate Vice President and Executive Associate to the President (616) 331-2240 View
Jayme Lesperance lesperja@gvsu.edu Manager of Teacher Development (616) 331-2240 View
Jeff Maxwell maxwelje@gvsu.edu School Support Specialist (616) 331-2240 View
Clint McDaniel mcdanicl@gvsu.edu School Consultant (616) 331-2240 View
Matt Missias, Ph.D. missiasm@gvsu.edu School Support Specialist (616) 331-2240 View
Alyson Murphy, J.D. murphaly@gvsu.edu Deputy Director for School Accountability (616) 331-2240 View
Merrideth Okonkwor okonkwom@gvsu.edu School Consultant (616) 331-2240 View
Shelby Powell poweshel@gvsu.edu Charter through College Specialist 616-402-9234 View
Ram Ravikumar ravikumr@gvsu.edu Manager of Data Analytics (616) 331-2240 View
Genevieve Reside residege@gvsu.edu School Accountability Specialist (616) 331-2240 View
Courtney Stahl stahlco@gvsu.edu School Support Specialist (616) 331-2240 View
Jan Weckstein weckstej@gvsu.edu School Support Specialist (616) 331-2240 View

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