2024 GVSU College Prep Week Forms and Activities

Each summer, the GVSU Charter Schools Office invites high school juniors and seniors from GVSU-authorized charter schools to participate in a week of academic and cultural exploration. During the College Prep Summer Simulator Program, students from across Michigan take a deep dive into everything Grand Valley State University offers to experience what it is like to be a college student! 

College Prep Week will be Sunday, July 14 - Friday, July 19, 2024

The deadline for registration is Friday, May 31, 2024.

Detroit in-person presentation for CPW is Sunday, May 19, 2024 from 2-4pm.

West Michigan in-person presentation for CPW is TBD.

Countdown until College Prep Week

College Prep Week Registration Form

Liability Forms

Please look through and upload these forms when registering for College Prep Week. All five forms are required to fill out.  

  1. Minor on Campus Form
  2. Media Release Form
  3. Battle GR Form
  4. 3 Mile Project Form 
  5. Sustainable Agriculture Project Form

Activities for Monday and Tuesday

Down below is a description of all the activities throughout the week. Please review the descriptions before selecting your specific activity on the 2024 GVSU College Prep Summer Simulator Form. If you have any questions about the various activities, please contact Shelby. 

Monday Activities at RecWell

  • Dance Studio
  • Fitness Studio
  • Courts 6, 7, 8 (Basketball and Volleyball)
  • Rock Climbing Center
Students attending a kickboxing class

Dance Studio

Students working out in the Rec Center at Grand Valley

Fitness Studio

Students rocking climbing at the Rock Climb Center at Grand Valley

Rock Climbing Center

Grand Valley's Rec Center courts 6, 7, and 8

Courts 6, 7, 8

Tuesday Morning Allendale Activities

  • E-Gaming 
    • The Laker Esports Center (LEC) is located on the bottom floor of the Kirkhof Center, on GVSU's Allendale Campus which includes 23 gaming setups such as gaming chairs, headsets, gaming monitors, and gaming PCs.
    • Available games at the Laker Esports Center based on age:
      • Ages 13 & Under (Any age):
        • Rocket League
        • Minecraft
        • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
        • Multiversus
        • Fall Guys
      • Ages 13 & Older (Must be 13+):
        • Fortnite
        • League of Legends
        • Overwatch II
      • Ages 16 & Older (Must be 16+):
        • Valorant
        • Apex Legends
      • Ages 18 & Older (Must be 18+):
        • Call of Duty: MWII
        • Call of Duty: Warzone II
        • Counterstrike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)
        • Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG)
        • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Sustainable Agriculture Project (SAP)
    • The GVSU Sustainable Agriculture Project is a collaboration between students, faculty, and staff to experience sustainable agriculture on the Allendale Campus. They are passionate about contributing to sustainable food systems while building upon our organic farming practices. The Sustainable Agriculture Project will allow students to learn about concepts of sustainable agriculture while participating in hands-on volunteering activities such as planting, scouting for pests, touring the farm, and beekeeping! Also note that if a student selects or is assigned to the Sustainable Agriculture Project and is allergic to or afraid of bees, they do not have to engage in hands-on participation in the beekeeping portion of the experience.
Student at Grand Valley playing games in the Esports Room


Students taking a picture while being at the SAP


Students listening to the tour guide


Tuesday Afternoon Downtown Activities

  • Brush GR 
    • Whether you're a natural-born artist or never touched a paintbrush before, you can expect to have a fun and memorable experience at Brush Studio. They provide everything you need to create your own masterpiece and at the end of the artist-instructed class, you may take home your beautiful artwork. Visit Brush GR to learn more.
  • Grand Rapids Public Museum
    • The Grand Rapids Public Museum boasts one of Michigan’s largest collections of historical and cultural artifacts and scientific specimens that tell the stories of West Michigan and the wider world. At the museum, you can visit their exhibits such as:
      • Arcade and many more
      • Fashion + Nature
      • The Furniture Factory
      • Grand Fish Grand River
      • Streets of Old Grand Rapids
      • Newcomers
      • West Michigan Habitats
    • Visit Grand Rapids Public Museum to learn more.
  • Ferris Coffee Lab
    • At the Ferris Coffee Lab, we aim to share our passion, knowledge, and expertise in order to equip our employees, our customers, and the general public with the skills and tools needed to better understand the specialty coffee industry, and ultimately, to make better coffee. You will learn about how coffee is grown, processed, and served. You also will be able to taste the coffee that you just learned about. Visit Ferris Coffee Lab to learn more.
Students painting at Brush GR

Brush GR

Skeleton of a whale at the Grand Rapids Public Museum

Grand Rapids Public Museum

Students waiting to listen to a presentation at Ferris Coffee

Ferris Coffee Lab

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