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The GVSU CSO creates three communications pieces that detail the wide variety of services and information the office provides. The School Performance Report is an annual overview of GVSU's portfolio of charter public schools, while the GVSU CSO Annual Report is a closer examination of what the CSO accomplished each year. The CSO also provides a digital E-Newsletter that is emailed on the first Thursday of each month. Here you will find the most recent versions of each item.

You can also view our archived reports by visiting the GVSU CSO ScholarWorks page.

CSO Annual Report


The annual report is an in-depth look at what the Charter Schools Office is doing to advance teaching and learning through the office's mission. Curious about what the CSO is doing to improve education in Michigan? This report is for you. Click on the report cover to learn what the CSO is doing to build a better future for kids.

2021-2022 Annual Report

Portfolio Performance Report

The School Performance Report provides an in-depth data overview of the GVSU-chartered schools. The report details the most recent academic performance results, portfolio-wide demographics, and the educational outcomes that stem from financial support the GVSU CSO provides to its charter schools. Readers will come away an understanding of how well GVSU-chartered schools are performing and what the GVSU CSO is doing to ensure the schools are will continue to succeed.



2022 Portfolio Performance Report



The newsletter is a monthly publication that we send out via email. It's an overview of what happened during the past month and updates recipients on upcoming items of interest. Click on the newsletter picture to read up on recent news from our office. Subscribe to newsletter


June 2023 Newsletter

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