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February Board of Trustees update

February 24, 2024

February Board of Trustees update

On February 23, 2024, the GVSU Board of Trustees acted on a handful of items related to GVSU-authorized charter public schools.

First, the board approved the following school reauthorizations:

  • Knapp Charter Academy (5 years)
  • Legacy Charter Academy (5 years)
  • Madison-Carver Academy (5 years)
  • Cornerstone Jefferson-Douglass Academy (3 years)
  • Detroit Premier Academy (3 years)
  • Muskegon Covenant Academy (3 years)

The Board also approved the appointments and reappointments of 17 total charter school board members. The GVSU Charter Schools Office is thankful for the 10 board members who renewed their service to their community school, and is excited to welcome the following 7 individuals as new board members for GVSU-authorized charter schools:

  • Lynn Shackelford -- Covenant High School Grand Rapids
  • Andrew Peterson -- Crossroads Charter Academy
  • Stephen Moore -- Detroit Merit Charter Academy
  • Devon Wilson -- Endeavor Charter Academy
  • Melisha Reid Roberts -- Gerald Dawkins Academy
  • Omer Kurt -- Michigan Mathematics and Science Academy
  • Amanda Duimstra -- Vanderbilt Charter Academy

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