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2024 Charter Board Member Satisfaction Survey

April 02, 2024

2024 Charter Board Member Satisfaction Survey

Recent results from the 2024 Board Member Satisfaction Survey offered to all GVSU-authorized charter school board members this winter indicate that board members are pleased with the support and guidance they receive from GVSU.

In total, 133 board members voluntarily participated in the survey, which represented approximately 42% of all charter board members governing GVSU's charter public schools.

When asked if they were satisfied overall with GVSU as a charter school authorizer, 98% indicated they strongly agreed or agreed. Additional highlights from the 10 question survey include:

  • 98% strongly agreed or agreed that their assigned GVSU School Consultant provided effective support
  • 96% strongly agreed or agreed that they understand their board's charter contract goals
  • 96% strongly agreed or agreed that GVSU provided effective oversight of their school's compliance requirements
  • 94% strong agreed or agreed that GVSU provided appropriate professional development opportunities to board members

In the open-ended comments portion of the survey, board members identified a few focus areas regarding additional actions the CSO could take to further improve its support. A majority of respondents offered feedback on board member training structures and professional development opportunities. The most common action items for the CSO included:

  • A wider variety of trainings, including more recorded material
  • Enhanced training for new charter school board members
  • Additional supports for principals
  • Frequent updates on GVSU's overall goals and strategic plan

The CSO plans to use the survey results to refine its support for board members in time for the start of the 2024-2025 school year. Full survey results will be shared by GVSU School Consultants during upcoming charter school board meetings.

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Page last modified April 2, 2024