Relaxation Resources

Tools to Calm Your Anxiety.

Below is a list of self help resources on relaxation topics that include mindfulness, meditation, breathing techniques, and progressive muscle relaxation. These techniques are extremely effective at reducing anxiety and stress.

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What is Mindfulness?


From PsychHub



From Calm

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

From UNH Health & Wellness

Walking Downstairs Relaxation

Walking Downstairs Relaxation Video

From Loyola University Maryland

Audio & Online Tools

Mindfulness & Meditation



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Meditation for working with difficulties

Can be used to work with difficult emotions or body sensations.


7 Minutes

UCLA Health

Meditation for intrusive thoughts 

If you're filled with thoughts, you can ground your attention and clear your mind. 

15 minutes

Declutter the Mind


Grief meditation 

An audio track to assist in grieving.


10 minutes

On Being

Loving Kindness meditation

Practice seeing yourself and others with compassion. 

21 minutes

Dr. Kristin Neff

Meditation for anger and forgiveness

This meditation is designed to help you manage anger, teaching you affirmations that can heal resentment and set the stage for forgiveness.

3 minutes, 19 minutes, or 23 minutes

Kaiser Permanente

Meditations for panic attacks and anxiety

These meditations guide you through counting breaths, reciting a mantra, and doing a body scan to help you deal with panic attacks and anxiety.

9 minutes, 10 minutes, 16 minutes, or 19 minutes

Kaiser Permanente

A meditation to boost your self-confidence

This meditation is designed to help boost your self-confidence, teaching you affirmations to increase resilience, creativity, and performance.

3 minutes, 25 minutes, or 29 minutes

Kaiser Permanente

Meditations to help with stress

These meditations are designed to help you reduce stress, teaching you positive affirmations that achieve a state of calm.

6 minutes, 17 minutes, 18 minutes, 16 minutes, or 14 minutes

Kaiser Permanente

Body Scan
An audio that brings your attention from thoughts to the present moment by focusing on the body.

14 minutes

Dr. Richard Sears

Progressive Muscle Relaxation & Deep Breathing



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PMR An easy to follow audio track.

9 minutes

Hobart & Smith College

Combination Relaxation Exercise Blending of several techniques into one audio track

14 minutes

Hobart & Smith College

Breath Work Use your breathing to control anxiety & stress

4 minutes

Loyola University Maryland

Relaxation Aquarium and Music 

3 hours


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