Student Comments

Kendra | Greece

"My advice, take the challenge: You will be better for it, so will your students, and so will our world."

Sierra | Australia

"Student teaching abroad provides you with the tools to be more understanding and accepting of others' thoughts, ideas, and actions. I have grown socially, emotionally, and professionally. I am witnessing a school being run differently from in the States, and I've found many pros and cons to both. If you love to travel, meet new people, and are open minded you should absolutely consider doing your student teaching abroad; it is an experience that has positively changed my outlook on teaching and life in general."

Hannah | Finland

"Student teaching was one of the best things I think I could have done in college. Not only did I enrich my traveling experience and teaching experience, but also my experience of working with students from other cultures. The students in my first grade classroom came from 12 different cultures and each brought their own pride and value into the everyday classroom. I highly recommend the chance to student teach overseas and wouldn't change my decision for anything. Let's just say that I have caught the highly contagious international teaching bug! :)"


Nicole | New Zealand

"I have become more outgoing than I was at home and learned to take advantage of every opportunity to try something new.  Stepping out of your comfort zone gives you the chance to be more independent and learn more about yourself and the people around you. If I can do it, anyone can do it."

Zack | Mexico

"I never would have met teachers and students from places such as Australia, France, Germany, China, Scotland, Britain, Brazil, and Spain without taking the leap.  I never would have made friends with colleagues who have worked internationally in places such as Japan, Spain, Canada, and Saudi Arabia, and many more who will continue receiving opportunities to go places such as Taiwan, Germany, South Africa, and China. A placement through COST means opportunity. Not simply opportunity for you, but also opportunity for your own future students. Whether I choose to take an opportunity to work in a place such as Taiwan (Job openings have already been forwarded my way) or not, I will inevitably take a better worldly knowledge back to my classroom so that I can ensure my own students are not simply knowledgeable of their own home, but of much of the world.  Find your inner explorer and get out there!"

Page last modified October 29, 2014