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Policy Document

Title: Teacher Preparation for the Golden Age
Author: Longview Foundation Society

"Our goal is to share examples and ideas and to challenge teacher preparation to embrace its critical role in educating teachers to better prepare tomorrow’s citizens for their roles in our increasingly interdependent world."

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Global Competency

Policy Document

Title: Education for Global Competence: Preparing our Youth to Engage the World
Author: Asia Society / EdSteps

"The resulting work provides a useful context for the relevance of global competence in education, as well as clear practical applications demonstrating what global competence looks like in interactions between educators and learners."

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Intercultural Competence

Policy Document

Title: Intercultural Competences
Author: UNESCO

"While a number of intercultural competences and skills have been identified, and proven strategies exist for strengthening their teaching, there are also countless others that remain to be discovered."

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Web Resource

UNESCO Guidelines on Teaching International Education

"In a world experiencing rapid change, and where cultural, political, economic and social upheaval challenges traditional ways of life, education has a major role to play in promoting social cohesion and peaceful coexistence. Through programs that encourage dialogue between students of different cultures, beliefs and religions, education can make an important and meaningful contribution to sustainable and tolerant societies."

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international baccalaureate

Web Resource

International Baccalaureate

Learn more about International Baccalaureate (IB) schools around the world.  Read the latest issues of IBWorld magazine.

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International Society For Teacher Education

The International Society for Teacher Education (ISfTE) is an independent organization of teacher educators free of external political or economic controls.

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Virtual Library

Web Resource

The WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources

A frequently updated Internet directory of over 2000 annotated links to high-quality English-language sources of current information and analysis in a wide range of international affairs, international relations, international studies, global studies, and global education topics.

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Research Resources

Web Resource

Research and Resources for Internationalizing Teacher Education (Educators Abroad)

"Exceptional educators are global educators."

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Web Resource

NAFSA: Internationalizing Teacher Education

Online resources for teacher educators and teachers, including knowledge bases and model practices, to help you internationalize your courses and programs.

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Web Resource

Bibliography of Cross-Cultural Resources (Intercultural Communication Institute)

The Intercultural Communication Institute (ICI) offers resources for intercultural, cross-cultural, multicultural, international, diversity training, and education.


Global Teacher Edu

Web Resource

Global Teacher Education (GTE)

By partnering with colleges of education and professional bodies in the education and teacher preparation spaces, GTE supports the internationalization of teacher preparation programs by connecting professionals, as well as advancing and disseminating research and best practices.


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International Education

Web Resource

Mapping the Nation

Is the U.S. ready for a global future?

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World View

Web Resource

World View

Resources for Adding a Global Perspective in K-12 Education



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Institute of International Education 

Teachers & Professionals

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Assessment Tool

Intercultural Training and Assessment Tool

Intercultural Communication Institute



Assessment Tool

Tools for Assessing Intercultural and Global Competence

University of Michigan, Center for Research on Learning and Teaching

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Intercultural Development Inventory

Assessment Tool

Intercultural Development Inventory

"IDI facilitates personal growth and insight and collective change in ways that improve people’s intercultural competence and their efforts at bridging cultural differences so that relationships are strengthened and the human condition is enhanced."

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Human Diversity

Book Resource

Human Diversity in Education: An Intercultural Approach

This 8th Edition continues to focus on the preparation of teachers and other human-service providers who not only can teach and interact more effectively with the wide diversity of students they are certain to encounter, but are also able to transmit this knowledge and skill to the individuals in their charge.

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Video Resource

Enhancing the Intercultural Dimension in Teacher Education

A Presentation to the AACTE Internationalization of Teacher Education Topical Action Group (TAG)

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Enhancing International Teacher Education

Dr. Kenneth Cushner, former COST International Director, speaks on enhancing the intercultural dimension in international education

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