Students typically pay for COST through a combination of financial aid, scholarships, grants and personal funds. Student teaching abroad costs vary depending on the placement location selected. While some placement locations are more expensive, the majority of locations are similar to what you would spend at your home university, and some may even be less. 

Before making your preferred placement location selection, please take time to research the cost of living in your desired location.

Cost of Living Resources

COST can help a student create an estimated budget for his/her student teaching placement.  However, COST cannot give students an exact dollar amount for every expense associated with their student teaching abroad placement. Most travelers run into unexpected expenses while abroad.  In addition, a great deal of a student’s budget is based on personal spending habits.  Students who intend to travel independently, regularly go out for entertainment purposes, purchase special equipment, etc. will have to budget additional funds to cover these types of expenses. At a minimum, students should expect to have $700 set aside for unexpected expenses. 

You are also advised to monitor the fluctuation of the currency exchange rate. The currency exchange rate can significantly impact estimated costs.

Currency Exchange Resources

Use the table below to help you budget your student teaching abroad




Application Fee


Due at time of application

Supervision & Placement Fee


6-10 week placement



11 week placement



12 week placement



13 + week placement 

Tuition for Semester


See your university rates

Round Trip Airfare


Varies by airline and destination

Room & Board

$150.00 - $300.00

per week

Additional Living Expenses


Dependent on Lifestyle

* See Below



If not already secured


Up to $300.00

Dependent on destination and length of stay

Health Insurance


Dependent on your current coverage

Unexpected Expenses


Set aside as a cushion

Additional costs you may need to consider

  • Are you going to purchase a cell phone?
  • Can you use Skype/ Zoom or will you have to purchase minutes in order to call from your cell phone?
  • Do you have other habits (luxuries or personal habits) that you know you will maintain while abroad?
  • Do you plan to purchase souvenirs for yourself, family, and friends?
  • Do you have emergency funds available?
  • Are you building in a cushion to account for the fluctuation in exchange rates?
  • Are you considering the charges that your bank will charge for international transactions?
  • Are you building in a cushion for those unexpected expenses?

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