Know Your Destination

You are considering perhaps one of the most challenging experiences in your preparation as a teacher; that of completing all or part of your student teaching experience overseas.  We applaud you for considering this experience, especially in these increasingly global and multicultural times.  Teachers who have significant intercultural experiences can be instrumental in bringing about many changes and awareness of cultural differences in our schools and society.  We hope this is you one day!

This is probably an extremely exciting time for you. It may also be a time of stress to you and your family as there are many uncertainties that will surface.  As you continue to await news of your placement and explore your possible destinations there are some things we would like you to consider.  While this experience may be the most impactful one you will ever have, it is not without its difficult moments, and while not predicting that you will have difficulty, we would nevertheless like you to consider some potential challenges and issues you may encounter.

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Key Things to Know

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Living Abroad

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