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We are grateful that you are considering involvement with COST.  As a prospective student teacher abroad, we want you to know more about our organization.

COST is a small organization comprised of 17 US colleges and universities.  Since its inception in 1972, COST has arranged for more than 1,000 education majors overseas to fulfill their student teaching requirements in both national and international schools in over 16 countries.  Initially placing students in a few schools in Latin America, COST has now expanded its outreach, able to place students in South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and Africa.  From the very beginning, the mission and vision of COST has been to provide firsthand international immersion experiences in an attempt to instill an intercultural perspective in future teachers.  With these experiences it is hoped that students will develop the confidence and skills necessary to participate effectively as educators in pluralistic and globally-oriented societies. 


We are small – and close.  The organization limits its sending institutional membership to 17 members, most sending fewer than half a dozen carefully selected student teachers abroad in any given year.  

All student teachers are carefully selected by their home institution and participate in an orientation experience prior to their departure.  Even when our students are away from their home institution, we are never far away.  We work with coordinators and students in whatever way possible to make the experience as successful as it can be.  

Interested in becoming involved?

Contact Sherie Klee, COST International Director, for more information about our wait list procedures.

Note to Receiving Sites

Student teaching in another country is demanding for the individual student as well as for host schools and communities that serve as a home-away-from-home.  The success of our program, however, lies in people like you who work hard to provide a safe and supportive experience for our students.  Thus, it is equally important that we provide the necessary support, not only to the students prior to their departure from the US, but to the host institutions and those working closely with our students in their student teaching.  COST is an organization that cares.  We care about our students as much as we care about those who work hard to make the experience so rewarding for all involved.  Thus, you will be able to reach the COST headquarters and/or sending institution via telephone, e-mail, or virtually at any time if a problem arises.

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