Apartment Living

Has your program placed you in an apartment? Continue reading for more information on apartment living abroad.


Here are just some of the benefits of living in an apartment:

  • Be independent.
  • Experience what it is like to live on your own abroad. This can be particularly helpful if you are thinking about working abroad in the future.
  • Enjoy more privacy than most home stay and dorm situations.
  • Do your own laundry.
  • Have the option to cook your own food or go out to eat.

In some of our destinations there will be an entire apartment reserved for COST students who come to student teach.  Here you will be exposed to the diverse ideas and cultures of other students from all over the US. This can be an important part of your cross-cultural education.

Apartment Living


Living in an apartment isn’t for everyone. It can be difficult to manage the additional burden of independent living and responsibility in a new cultural environment.

Note: Not all program locations allow students to stay in apartments. Check with your overseas COST coordinator to determine if this option is available.

Page last modified April 14, 2021