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The Office for Community Engagement is interested in learning more about current and future community engagement endeavors from faculty. Eligible community engagement endeavors could include; community-based learning class projects, research projects, internships, and other formalized experiential learning with community partners.

The idea is to better support faculty and students who are safely engaging with community partners or sectors by;

  • connecting them with faculty and students from different disciplines, departments, and colleges where current work for the community can be built on or complemented through the work of others to increase capacity and impact in the community
  • providing a nominal stipend for any budgeted materials, supplies, or associated costs

Many faculty and students are currently working to establish new knowledge, provide more information, apply disciplinary principles through practice, document what is happening or tell the story through a variety of disciplinary lenses, platforms and practices.

The United for Community Impact project seeks to first understand the various community engagement endeavors currently (or soon-to-be) happening among students and faculty at GVSU. The Office for Community Engagement will then coordinate new collaborations across campus with the intent of supporting community-relevant work and increasing learning outcomes for students.

If you are interested in participating in the United for Community Impact project please complete this three-question survey so we can better understand your current or future community engagement endeavors. Our goal is to learn how we can enhance your work through the facilitation of new collaborations with colleagues to build capacity and increase our collective impact in communities.

The United for Community Impact project pilot will start in the Winter 2021 semester.

Email [email protected] with any questions.

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