The Laker Effect Map

What is the Map?

The Laker Effect Map will seek to recognize the vast number of established relationships and partnerships held by our community engaged faculty and staff.

The map will function as a campus-wide database and internal conversation starter around how GVSU faculty/staff are engaging with specific community partners. The goal is to make it easier and more efficient to connect with the GVSU “keeper(s) of the partnership” for key introductions and collaboration opportunities.

 Although the map will never be a fully comprehensive database of all GVSU community partnerships, it will ultimately communicate that GVSU is a highly engaged and well-connected institution to both our current and prospective students.

Log in to the private map with your faculty/staff network ID to access more information, including organization names, GV contact information, photos/videos, and representation by college.

What's your Laker Effect? We need your help!

All faculty and staff who have current partnerships and are willing to provide introductions and/or share more about what they are doing in the community with GVSU colleagues are strongly encouraged to complete this brief form and start sharing your Laker Effect! Please reach out to [email protected] if you would like to submit a large group of partnerships.

A public facing “heat map” will display our geographic areas of activity while an interactive GIS map/database, that can only be accessed via GVSU faculty/staff login, provides contact information for GVSU “keeper(s) of the partnership”.  Although the location and name of the partnering organization will be visible on the faculty/staff login protected map/database, individual contact information for our partners will never be shared or displayed.

All partner contact information will be kept internally as the intent for the map is to utilize the relationships already established by GVSU personnel to ask for introductions while discouraging unnecessary cold calling and random requests to our valued partners.

We appreciate you taking the time to display your Laker Effect on this map and with your GVSU colleagues. Internal networking, coordination and collaboration among GVSU faculty and staff  is a great first step towards increasing our impact on the students and communities we serve!

How to Use the Laker Effect Map

tutorial video

Page last modified November 8, 2023