Advising and Course Planning

Undergraduate Academic Advising Mission

Academic advising engages students in the process of exploring and defining their academic and career goals and in creating effective strategies to achieve these goals.

Through collaborative relationships with academic advisors, students are encouraged and supported as they develop the skills necessary to take responsibility for their own development and success.

Academic advisors educate students by providing accessible, accurate and timely information regarding academic requirements, university resources and opportunities to develop critical thinking skills and enrich the college experience and their personal lives.

Teacher Education Advising

Teacher preparation is an upper-division professional program. During First-year and Sophomore year, students work toward fulfilling degree requirements, major and minor requirements, and prerequisite courses in education to permit application to the College of Education.

Students will have two advisors (transfer students have the same dual advisors):

  • A faculty advisor in the student's content area major
  • A College of Education major faculty advisor

College of Education students sign a Declaration of Intent form and attend a Group Advising Session during the semester they enroll in EDF 315.

Transfer students follow the same dual advising process.

At the Group Advising Session students are assigned a College of Education advisor. Students meet with this advisor at least once before being admitted into the College of Education. Students will receive an Undergraduate Teacher Education Student Advising Handbook during the session.

Students should discuss career and employment opportunities with their advisors and with the GVSU Career Center. Candidates should also review policies in the Undergraduate Teacher Education Student Advising Handbook. In addition, advising materials and sample four-year course sequences are available in the College of Education Student Information and Services Center.

Student meeting with an advisor.

Advising Is:

  • Program clarification
  • Reviewing short-term and long-term academic goals
  • Learning about university requirements and resources

College of Education Advisors:

  • Help clarify academic and career goals
  • Help with class selection based on requirements, availability and interests
  • Provide information about courses and registration
  • Help evaluate academic progress
  • Provide information about course adds\drops\withdrawals
  • Have information on special programs and international opportunities

Students Need to:

  • Meet with assigned College of Education advisor on a regular basis
  • Understand GVSU requirements and those of the major/minor
  • Be aware of application deadlines
  • Review the class schedule each semester

Bring these Item to Advising Appointments:

  • Tentative course scheduling plan
  • Questions about specific education courses
  • Information that may effect program completion

To schedule an appointment with a College of Education advisor contact:
Student Information and Services Center
Phone: (616) 331-6650
Fax: (616) 331-6217 or