Undergraduate Secondary Education Program

Candidates who earn a secondary certificate are eligible to teach in their major and minor content areas, grades 6-12. Secondary content majors and minors are listed below.

In addition to a teachable major and minor, candidates must complete the Education Major Sequence.

Education Major Sequence - Secondary

Candidates must complete the following 39 credit education major. At least one field semester must be completed in a multicultural setting.

Prerequisites - required prior to admission to Teacher Education

  • EDF 315 Diverse Perspectives on Education - Credits 3
  • PSY 301 Child Development - Credits 3
  • EDI 337 Introduction to Learning and Assessment - Credits 3

Flex Course 1 - This course is taken before OR after admission to the College of Education. It must be completed before Student Teaching. Must be a grade B- or higher.

  • EDS 379 - Universal Design for Learning: Secondary Credits: 3

Flex Course 2 - This course is taken after admission to the College of Education. It must be completed before Student Teaching. Must be grade of B- or higher.

  • EDT 370 - Technology in Education Credits: 3

Teacher Assisting Semester

  • EDI 310 Organizing and Managing Classroom Environments - Credits 3
  • EDR 321 Content Area Literacy - Credits 3
  • EDI 331 Methods and Strategies of Secondary Teaching - Credits 5

Student Teaching Semester

  • EDI 431 Student Teaching, Secondary - Credits 8
  • EDI 432 Student Teaching, Secondary Content Practicum - Credits 2
  • EDF 485 The Context of Educational Issues - Credits 3 (may be taken after EDI 431, but before certification).


Courses may be viewed on the College of Education’s Course List page.

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