Master of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology


Application Instructions

The Master of Science in CMB is a versatile graduate program which produces outstanding graduates. The program will allow students to achieve individual goals while serving diverse student interests. Students have the opportunity to pursue graduate work in two emphases:

  • A traditional research thesis based Master's, or
  • An internship based Professional Master's in Biotechnology

And here's what you can do with it!

The Master of Science in CMB degree program is designed to meet the needs of baccalaureate-trained professionals.

The Research Emphasis M.S. is the appropriate degree track for students who are interested in research and may consider continuing their eduation to earn a Ph.D. This emphasis offers traditional inquiry-based laboratory research culminating in a thesis.

The Biotechnology Emphasis is ideal for students aiming for a career working in, or managing, an applied science laboratory. It is a "Professional Science Master's" (PSM) program designed and developed in parallel with two new similar programs in Biostatistics and Medical and Bioinformatics. This emphasis provides students with a practical and applied curriculum that is closely tied to the scientific workforce needs of business / industry and includes an intensive internship experience.

Students in both emphases will have access to the same course offerings, but those in Biotechnology will have a more structured plan of coursework.

Departmental Contact:
Dr. Patrick A Thorpe CMB Graduate Program Coordinator Department of CMB Grand Valley State University Allendale, MI 49401-9403 Telephone: 616-331-2315 email:

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