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Grand Valley's Waterski & Wakeboard team competes in 3-event collegiate skiing all around the Midwest region. Our main season is in the fall, involving regular tournaments leading towards Conferences, Regionals, and Nationals. A few more laid-back tournaments take place in spring as well. Skiers and wakeboarders of all skill levels are welcome, including those who have never seen a ski in their life! If you want to learn to ski, your new captains, teammates, and alumni will teach you everything you need to know. 


2022 Allentucky Waterbowl, Conklin, MI


2022 Spartan Ripfest, South Haven, MI


2022 Bennett's Waterski and Wakeboard School, Zachary, LA

What is 3-Event Collegiate Skiing?


Slalom skiing is based around 3 factors; amount of buoys skied around, speed, and rope length. When slaloming, one ski is ridden though a course of 6 bouys. The objective is to ski around as many buoys as possible, increasing speed and shortening the length of the rope you ski behind, to score as many points as possible. Most tend to find this event to be satisfying, being that it involves finding your rhythm with the course and ski. 


Trick skiing, or wakeboarding, is based off a vast list of eligible tricks each with their own point value. A competitor is given 20 seconds to show off their best moves on the water, and judges will tally up points as they go. If you fall, your set automatically ends. Tricking is the most versatile of the three events because you are able to compete on one trick ski, two trick skis, or a wakeboard. Point values are less for wakeboarders and those who use two trick skis. 


Jumping is known for being the most exciting of the three events. By using specially-designed skis, a padded jumpsuit, and a helmet, jumpers prepare themselves to go over a 5-foot ramp. The objective of jumping is pretty simple; successfully jump the furthest without falling. But, there are many techniques used to prepare competitors to jump properly and keep them safe in the process. Competitors are able to jump with a boat speed between 24 mph and 32 mph based on skill level and preference. 

Executive Board


President: Jalin Olson

Vice President: Matt Friettag

Financial Officer: Angelina Gabryel

Public Relations: Delaney Novach

Risk Manager: Kincaid Devenport

Fundraising Officer: Cooper Garcia

Men's Captain: Megan Fischette

Women's Captain: Zachary Spahn

Club E-Mail[email protected]

Social Media






GVSU Waterski & Wakeboard Club


Established in 2006, Grand Valley Waterski & Wakeboard Club has continued to grow. By working to create a good relationship with Action Watersports, located in Hudsonville, MI, the team was able to receive access to their very own ski boat. To keep their new boat afloat, they created many fundraising opportunities and began doing docks and lifts annually. In current times, we keeps in close contact with alumni of the past, and continue to find new ways to improve our team everyday.

Team Schedule



Tournament Name


September 10th & 11th, 2022

Conklin, MI

Allentucky Waterbowl

3rd Overall

September 17th & 18th, 2022

South Haven, MI

Spartan Ripfest

5th Overall

September 24th & 25th, 2022

Vanwert, OH


7th Overall

September 30th, Oct 1st & 2nd, 2022

Decatur, IL


10th Overall

Upcoming Events


Event Name


February 24th, 2023

Winter Conferences

Join the rest of the Midwest Region Collegiate Waterski community for a formal dinner and off-the-water training sessions.

March 4th - 12th, 2023

Bennett's Ski School

Bennett's Ski School in Louisiana: receive coaching from world-renowned experts!

March 18th, 2023

Ski Formal

The classic Spring Formal. Join us for a banquet, raffles, awards, and dancing. 

2022-2023 Roster



Angelina Gabryel

Alex Underhill

Baylee Martins

Andrew Kales

Bri Baughman

Caden Blain

Brooke McAndrews

David Paarlberg

Cara Franke

Evan Williams

Delaney Novach

Griffin Barnes

Jalin Olsen

Jack Davidson

Juliana Mas

Jack McClure

Kassidie Stimmel

John Garnsey

Maddy Yetman

Josh Petrusha

Megan Fischette

Kincaid Devenport

Melanie Kerbelis

Matthew Freitag

Sarah Flannery

Max Schink

Shelby Husovsky

Nicholas Kleinschmidt


Noah Vibert


Secundino Garcia


Zach Spahn


Josh Speigel


How to Join

Want to join our ski family?

Here we have the required registration form to join our team for those who are ready to hit the water! If you have any questions and are interested in joining, reach out through Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or by sending us an email.

Water Ski & Wakeboard Individual Registration 22-23

This registration form must be completed before any activity with the team listed. This form includes liability waivers and necessary information collection. 

By filling out this form, the athlete is not guaranteed a competitive roster spot on the club. 

***Please note information submitted on this form is shared with club sport administration, coaches, and team leaders. 

* denotes a required field

General Athlete Information

Waiver & Liability Release

I hereby declare, assert and affirm that my participation in Grand Valley State University Club Sports is done having voluntarily and knowingly assumed all risks involved in this program. The physical risk(s) associated are those correlated with normal, vigorous physical activity.  These risks include but are not limited to, bodily discomfort and fatigue, muscular soreness, pulled or strained muscles, overuse injuries/soft tissue damage, bodily injury resulting from falls, and the rare instance of abnormal changes/responses of the cardiopulmonary system to exercise.  Adverse responses include abnormal blood pressure, heart arrhythmias, and the very rare instance of heart attack, stroke, or sudden death.

In consideration of acceptance of this contract allowing my participation in Club Sports and intending to be legally bound thereby, I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, WAIVE AND RELEASE any and all rights and claims for negligence, injuries, damages or losses that I may incur while involved in Club Sports, specifically Grand Valley State University, it’s respective employees, agents, representatives, successors and assigns for any and all activities connected with Club Sports.  If I am a Grand Valley employee, I also understand that I do hereby WAIVE any and all rights or benefits under the State of Michigan Worker's Compensation laws for any injury incurred as a result of my participation in this program. 

Participant Agreement

Please carefully read the GVSU Student Code of Conduct.

As a participating athlete in the GVSU Club Sport Program, I agree to abide by the following:

I will conduct myself accordingly, responsibly, and professionally in congruence with the Club Sport Handbook and the Student Code of Conduct at all Club Sport-sponsored activities. 

I understand that my actions may adversely affect my team, the Club Sport Program, Recreation & Wellness, and Grand Valley State University.

I will represent GVSU, the Division of Student Affairs, Recreation & Wellness, and my club in a professional, positive manner, and always in congruence with the Club Sport Handbook and the Student Code of Conduct.

I will show respect to all team members and Recreation & Wellness employees. 

I will adhere to all Recreation & Wellness policies and procedures. These include the Club Sport Handbook, facility policies and procedures, my club's National Governing Body policies, and other University policies and procedures, including the Student Code of Conduct.

Please carefully read the GVSU Alcohol and Other Drug Policy.

Please carefully read the GVSU Hazing Policy.

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My signature below affirms that I have read and agree to all of the above content regarding my participation in the GVSU Club Sports Program, and that this Agreement is binding throughout my entire duration as a student at Grand Valley State University.

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