Undergraduate Research

Selected Undergraduate Research Outcomes in the Department of Classics, 2007-2015

Classics students have the opportunity to work closely with members of the faculty on self-directed research projects. The department has an excellent record of producing outcomes and earning recognition for these efforts.

High quality work of this sort enables students to stand out and to demonstrate success in seeking employment and post-graduate study. GVSU Classics graduates go on to pursue a strikingly wide range of opportunities.



Abigail DeHart

  • Peer-reviewed publication: "Sappho in Hindi," in Translation Review 94: 42-51.



Abigail DeHart

  • Refereed conference paper: "Ideas of Education and Common Sense: Hutcheson and the Stoics," delivered at Princeton Theological Seminary’s Scottish Philosophers Annual Spring Conference. Proposal awarded the George Elder Davie Prize.



Megan Esparsa

  • Student Scholarship Day Presentation: "Cena Vettiorum: Negotiating Social Mobility in the Early Roman Empire."

Aurora Hennigar

  • Assisted Prof. Melissa Morison (GVSU) with research in Corinth, Greece.

Michelle Lenartz

  • Student Scholarship Day Presentation: "Enhancing Site/Visitor Interaction at Hadrian's Villa, Tivoli, Italy."
  • Assisted Prof. Melissa Morison (GVSU) with research in Corinth, Greece.

Allie Pohler

  • GVSU Honors Freshman Paper Competition: “Recontextualizing the Roman Identity in Livy’s History of Rome, Book 1.” Third place award.

Mark ten Haaf

  • Refereed conference paper: “Aristotle and the Polis in Menander’s Dyskolos,” delivered at the 94th anniversary meeting of the Southern Section of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS-SS) at Mary Washington University in Fredericksburg, Virginia.



Joshua Arnold

  • Student Scholarship Day Presentation: “Orators and Empire: Aper’s First Speech in Tacitus’ Dialogus De Oratoribus.”

Abigail DeHart

  • Student Scholarship Day Presentation: "A Long Journey Home."

Megan Esparsa

  • Student Scholarship Day Presentation: “A Career Guide for Prospective Gladiators.”
  • Excavated at Villa Vergigno, Italy. Supported by Excavation/Field School Award, Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS).

Kendall Farkas

  • Excavated at Villa Vergigno, Italy. Supported by Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship.

Melissa Houghton

  • Directed Reading in Roman Architecture: Urban Planning in Roman-era Corinth.
  • Member of the 2013 Summer Session of the American School of Classical Studies in Athens.

Erin Koren

  • GVSU Honors Freshman Paper Competition: “Overcoming Conflict in Homer’s Iliad.” Second place award.

Steven Krepp

  • Internship: “AP students in a differentiated learning environment,” East Kentwood High School.

Katie Liebig

  • Honors Senior Project: "Annotated Bibliography of Classical Mythology for Children."

Melissa Ludke

  • Excavated at Poggio Civitate, Italy.

Nick Macksood

  • Student Scholarship Day Presentation: “Aurelius and McLuhan: A Study in Ancient and Modern Communication Theories.”
  • Honors Senior Project: "Wanderlost." Travelogue/creative writing.

Riley O'Brien

  • Honors Senior Thesis: "Re-Imagining the Art in the Honors College."
  • Excavated at Poggio Civitate, Italy.

Katie Oyama

  • Honors Senior Project and Student Scholarship Day Presentation: “Seneca’s De Otio and Student Engagement.”

Chehallis Robinson

  • Excavated at Villa Vergigno, Italy.



Megan Esparsa

  • Grand Rapids Honors Student Research Conference: “Divine Inspiration as a Tactic of Resistance Against the Roman Order: Sicily, Spartacus, and Sertorius.”

Kristen Goodwin

  • Honors Senior Project: “Menander’s Dyskolos: A Stage Translation.”

Andrew Lund

  • Honors Senior Project: "Prometheus Stories: Promethean Myth and Mythopoeia for Adjudicated Students." 2013 Outstanding Senior Honors Project Award.

  • Refereed conference paper: “Power, Présages, and Portrayal: Suetonius’ Representation of Livia,” delivered at the 92nd anniversary meeting of the Southern Section of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS-SS) at Florida State University in Tallahassee.

Amber Strick

  • Student Scholarship Day Presentation: "Petrographic Analysis of Iron Age Ceramics from Urartu.”

Lauren Vignali

  • Honors Senior Project: "Debating the Role of Women in Ancient Greek Cuisine: Evidence from Art and Literature."

Hillery York

  • Student Scholarship Day Presentation: "Exhibiting Holland’s Legacy.”



Nick Maki

  • Refereed conference paper: “Beyond Pleasure: Plato and the Good,” delivered at the Western Canadian Undergraduate Conference of Philosophy at the University of Victoria, British Columbia.



Mark Beckwith

  • Honors Senior Project: “Focus on Forms in the Latin Classroom.” 2010 Honors Senior Project Award for Excellence in Collaborative Research.
  • Peer-reviewed publication, with Prof. Peter Anderson: “Forms-Focused Teaching for the Intermediate Latin Student,” in Teaching Classical Languages 2.1 (2010) 31-52.

Melanie Coughlin

  • Classical Tradition project: “Ovidian Views on Gender During the Early Roman Empire.”

Jonathan Hatter

  • Honors Senior Project: “Every-man’s Orthodoxy: An Exploration of the Poemata Arcana of Gregory of Nazianzus.”



Donna St. Louis

  • Honors Senior Project: “Martial and Piron: A Study in Epigram.”

Timothy Flanders

  • Honors Senior Project, with Jonathan Hatter, “Doctrina Iacobi Nuper Baptizati: A Translation.”

Jennifer Folkerth

  • Refereed conference paper: “Memory’s Catalyst: Nature in Sappho’s Poetry,” delivered at the annual meeting of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS).

Kate Allen

  • Honors Senior Project: “Form and Function: A Study of Renaissance Commentaries and the Seidman Library’s Calderinus Incunabulum.” 2009 Outstanding Honors Senior Thesis Award.
  • Refereed conference paper: “What's that smell?': Odor in Martial's Epigrammata" delivered at the 88th anniversary meeting of the Southern Section of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS-SS) at the University of North Carolina at Asheville.

Michelle LeMieux

  • Honors Senior Project: “Is Aeneas truly pius?”



Devin White

  • Honors Senior Project: “A Grammatical Commentary on St. John Chrysostom’s Discourse on the Blessed Babylas Against the Gentiles.” 2008 Outstanding Honors Senior Thesis Award. 2007 Student Summer Scholarship (S3).

Jacqueline Binder

  • Honors Senior Project (jointly supervised with the Department of History): The influence of the classical tradition on American architecture in the upper Mid-west.



Brittany Hunter

  • Honors Senior Project: “Civis Romanus Sum: The Scope and Significance of Citizenship in the Roman Empire. A three-unit study designed for use in upper level high-school Latin classes.”

Aaron Rozeboom

  • Honors Senior Project: “The Rhetorical Implications of Clementia in Cicero’s Caesarian Speeches.” 

Renee Mayes

  • Honors Senior Project: Curriculum resources on Roman cuisine for teaching classical civilization.




A new version of the Codex of Justinian

Prof. Charles Pazdernik collaborated on a new translation of one of the most important legal works in the history of western law.

New translation of Seneca illuminates Roman Stoicism

Prof. Peter Anderson translates selected works by the Roman politician and philosopher.

Translating Sappho

Two articles by a GVSU Classics professor and an alumna appear in the journal Translation Review

Award recognizes outstanding young classicist

Allie Pohler received a $1,000 scholarship from the Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS).

HOMERathon 6 is concluded!

Thanks to GVSU Libraries and to the hundreds of students, colleagues, and friends who participated in the event.

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