GV Lanthorn: Keeping Homer Alive

GVSU's fifth Homerathon showcased Homer's "Odyssey" and brought together the campus community.

GVSU Classics grads on the move

Recent alums' plans for 2016-17

Award recognizes outstanding young classicist

Allie Pohler received a $1,000 scholarship from the Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS).

GV Lanthorn: Stoics Week delves into philosophy of 'Harry Potter'

Stoics Week prompted participants to think about who they really are.

Another National Classics Scholarship for Summer Study

Classics major Allie Pohler received the 2016 Minority Scholarship in Classics and Classical Archaeology from the Society for Classical Studies (SCS).

The Wheelhouse Talks: Charles Pazdernik

What the ancients can tell us about overcoming obstacles.

Translating Sappho

Two articles by a GVSU Classics professor and an alumna appear in the journal Translation Review

Classics named Outstanding GVSU Department

The Department of Classics was honored at the 2015 GVSU Student Life Awards.

Two Classics majors earn top GVSU honor

Abigail DeHart and Justin Ebert received the 2015 Glenn A. Niemeyer Student Award.

New translation of Seneca illuminates Roman Stoicism

Prof. Peter Anderson translates selected works by the Roman politician and philosopher.

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