SCCJLS Faculty & Staff

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Full-Time Faculty & Staff (click on name to view profile)

Dr. Kathleen Bailey, Professor

Dr. Carrie Buist, Associate Professor

Adrian Copeland, Assistant Professor

Dr. Jaclyn Cwick, Associate Professor

Dr. Patrick Gerkin, Professor &  Chair  

Dr. Brian Johnson, Professor

Dr. Tonisha Jones, Associate Professor

Dr. Naoki Kanaboshi, Associate Professor

Dr. Christopher Kierkus, Professor

Dr. Jina LeeAssistant Professor

Dr. Jennifer Marson, Assistant Professor

Laura Marsh, Visiting Professor

Dr. Jacquelynn Doyon-Martin, Associate Professor

Joshua Sheffer, Associate Professor

Dr. John Walsh, Professor

Current Practitioner Faculty (click on name to view profile)

Troy Baker, Criminal Justice

Greg Boer, Criminal Justice

William Brown, Criminal Justice

Joseph BrugnoliCriminal Justice 

Nicholas ChristensenCriminal Justice

Erica Dalzell, Criminal Justice

Dina Davis, Criminal Justice

Carlos Fossati, Criminal Justice

Craig Glowney, Criminal Justice 

Rick Hebden, Criminal Justice

Elizabeth KingstonLegal Studies

Nicholas LaueLegal Studies

Michael Ley, Criminal Justice & Legal Studies

Debra Ross, Criminal Justice

Brittany ShelmonLegal Studies

Courtney Topic, Criminal Justice 

Kathleen Kolean-Vanliere, Criminal Justice

Andrew Verheek, Criminal Justice

Williamson Wallace, Criminal Justice

Khristine Westmoreland, Criminal Justice

School of Criminology, Criminal Justice, and Legal Studies Staff (click on name to view profile)

Lisa Campione, Criminal Justice Assistant

Rayshena Wilson, Academic Department Coordinator

School of Criminology, Criminal Justice, and Legal Studies Undergraduate Coordinators and Graduate Program Director (click on name to view profile)

Dr. Brian Johnson, Criminal Justice Undergraduate Coordinator

Dr. Jacquelynn Doyon-Martin, Graduate Program Director

Professor Joshua Sheffer, Legal Studies Coordinator

School of Criminology, Criminal Justice, and Legal Studies Undergraduate Internship Coordinators (click on name to view profile)

Laura Marsh, Criminology, Criminal Justice, and Legal Studies Internship Coordinator

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