Patrick Gerkin

Professor Gerkin

Chair and Professor

School of Criminology, Criminal Justice, and Legal Studies

Ph.D., Western Michigan University

Office: 237-C DeVos

Phone: (616) 331-7175

E-mail: [email protected]



Criminological Theory; White Collar Crime; State-Corporate Crime; & Restorative Justice


Patrick Gerkin is a Professor in the School of Criminal Justice. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling and exploring with his wife and two daughters.

Dr. Gerkin completed his Ph.D. in sociology, with emphasis in criminology and race and ethnic relations at Western Michigan University in 2006. After teaching for two years at a small school in western Colorado, Dr. Gerkin returned to his home state and joined the faculty at GVSU in the fall of 2007.

Courses Taught

  • CJ 101 Justice and Society
  • CJ 201 Criminology
  • CJ 300 Research Methods for Criminal Justice
  • CJ 355 Youth Culture
  • CJ 408 White Collar Crime
  • CJ 482 Culture Crime and Justice
  • CJ 642 Victimology

Research Interests

White collar crime, corporate and state-corporate crime, restorative justice, masculinity and crime desistence, classic and contemporary criminology.


Gerkin, P. & Doyon-Martin, J. (2017). State-Corporate Crime: Maintaining the Failure of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Through State-Corporate Symbiosis. State Crime. 6(2), 241-264.

Walsh, J. & Gerkin, P. (2017). Flipping the Script: Masculinity and Reintegration in a Parolee Mentoring Program. The Howard Journal of Crime and Justice. 56(4), 454-479.

Patrick Gerkin & Jacquelyn Doyon. (2015). Asbestos: Not Just an Exhibit at the Smithsonian. Critical Criminology 23(3), 311-328.

Applied Scholarship

Gerkin, P. Walsh, J. & Joseph, R. (2017) Utilizing Restorative Circles in Response to School Misbehavior: First Year Implementation Report.

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