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2022-2023 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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Frederik Meijer Honors College Requirements

To graduate from the Meijer Honors College a student must satisfy the following course requirements, which also fulfill all general education requirements of the university.

Satisfaction of Grand Valley general education requirements through completion of the Meijer Honors College curriculum does not add any additional coursework to a student's program. In fact, it often results in a reduction of the number of credits required. Honors students should meet regularly with their major advisors as well as with a Meijer Honors College advisor.

Suggested Order of Coursework

Year One

Except in extraordinary circumstances, this sequence of courses should be taken in the first year, as it offers guidance to students in making a transition from high school to university work.

Year Two

HNR 200 is offered as a variable-credit course (one, two, or three credits). All students must complete a total of three credits.

Some non-HNR courses may substitute for HNR 200 and HNR 250/HNR 251. Students should consult with a Meijer Honors College advisor about possibilities.

Year Three

HNR 251 and HNR 351 are identical to HNR 250 and HNR 350 with an additional emphasis on quantitative modes of inquiry. All honors students must take one -50 course (HNR 250 or HNR 350) and one -51 course (HNR 251 or HNR 351).

Year Four

If you are in need of assistance please submit any questions or comments.