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2023-2024 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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Badge in Public History

The public history badge is a classroom and experiential academic option open to degree-seeking students. The badge emphasizes place-based and community engaged projects drawing on current practices and methodologies. It will also allow students interested in public history professions, or just generally interested in learning the knowledge and skills involved in public history, to highlight their background to potential employers and graduate school programs.

Learning Objectives or Competencies

1. Complete hands-on public history projects such as creating a physical or digital museum exhibit drawing on current theory and methodologies.
2. Engage in research in archival and museum collections, such as the GVSU University Library and Special Collections, the Grand Rapids Public Library, the Grand Rapids City Archives, the Grand Rapids Public Museum, the Kutsche Office of Local History, etc.
3. Collaborate with community partners to create historical narratives such as interpretive signage or exhibit text.
4. Learn professional practices and implementation of policies within institutional settings such as museums, archives, and libraries.
5. Draw on current practices and theories to shape an ethical framework for the practice of public history.
6. Work as part of a team to create a deliverable project.
7. Use self-reflective practice to identify areas of personal and intellectual growth and to situate themselves in the broader theories and practices of public history.


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