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2022-2023 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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Badge in Cybersecurity

The School of Computing's cybersecurity badge (not a degree or certificate) is designed to prepare students in the following areas:

  • Analyzing risk, using a variety of risk evaluation techniques.
  • Discussing legal and ethical issues related to information security.
  • Securing a network against attack.
  • Applying principles of ethical hacking to harden an operating system.
  • Applying tools and techniques to cyber forensic investigations and examinations
  • Describing software vulnerabilities.

Program Format

The cybersecurity badge is comprised of three courses (nine credits).


Completion of a bachelor's degree and evidence of object-oriented programming skills are required for admission.

Program Location

The cybersecurity badge is offered on the Pew Grand Rapids Campus in downtown Grand Rapids, MI.


And two of the following:

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