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2020-2021 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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College of Community and Public Service


Dean: Grant

Associate Dean: P. Stansbie

Associate Dean: Hoffman



The mission of the College of Community and Public Service (CCPS) is to educate students for professional careers through excellent teaching, learning, scholarship, and service that promote just and democratic communities, and ethical and effective leadership.

We value: liberal education and academic excellence in learning, teaching, and research; contemporary applied learning and critical thinking; a passion to provide ethical and compassionate services to diverse local, national, and global communities and populations in need; a culture of collegiality and collaboration: diversity, community, and social justice; empowered graduates with professional practice skills.

Program Information

Department of Hospitality/Tourism Management

Hospitality and Tourism Management, B.S., Minor

Adventure Tourism Management, Minor

School of Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice, B.A., B.S., M.S., Minor

Legal Studies, B.A., B.S., Minor

Juvenile Justice, Minor

Police Academy approved by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES)

School of Public, Nonprofit, and Health Administration

Public and Nonprofit Administration, B.A., B.S., Minor

Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership (M.P.N.L.)

Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.)

Master of Health Administration (M.H.A.)

Nonprofit Leadership Graduate Certificate

School of Social Work

Social Work, B.S.W., M.S.W.



School of Criminal Justice

School of Public, Nonprofit, and Health Administration

School of Social Work

Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management


Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy


Legal Studies Program: American Bar Association

Master of Public Administration: National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA).

Social Work Program: Council on Social Work Education (CSWE); Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards (EPAS).

School of Criminal Justice: Police academy approved by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES)

Graduate Admission

See appropriate Academic Program description for information on the graduate admission.

Secondary Admission for Undergraduates

There is a secondary admission to the Bachelor of Social Work program. See the Social Work Academic Program section of the catalog for more information.

Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy

Community Research Institute

The Grantmaking School

Nonprofit Services

The Foundation Review

Frey Chair for Family Foundations and Philanthropy

AIM Alliance

(See specific Academic Programs for detailed information.)

Student Services

College of Community and Public Service Undergraduate Advising Center

321C DEV, (616) 331-6890,

Undergraduate academic advising within the College of Community and Public Service (CCPS) is a collaborative partnership between students, faculty members, and staff members committed to developing meaningful educational plans aligned with students' values, goals, and interests. We engage students as active participants in their educational experience and empower them to successfully navigate the university in pursuit of their personal, academic, and professional goals.

The CCPS Undergraduate Advising Center (UAC) provides advising assistance and information for the following undergraduate programs:

  • Criminal justice
  • Hospitality and tourism management
  • Legal studies
  • Public and nonprofit administration
  • Social work

Here are some of the ways the CCPS-UAC can help you achieve your degree goals:

  • Degree planning. Academic advisors help students make informed choices about degree and graduation requirements. They can help clarify curriculum, course content, and optimal course sequences. Advisors will also enhance student awareness of diverse educational experiences to further enrich the academic plan.
  • Goal setting. Academic advisors can assist students with the clarification of career and life goals, development of decision-making skills, reinforcement of self-direction, and evaluation of student progress toward established goals.
  • Outreach and support. Academic advisors can assist students with academic support needs through individual sessions, group workshops, and connections with educational resources across the university.
  • Policies and procedures. Students are responsible for their role in the academic process and navigating the university system. Academic advisors can help clarify university policies and procedures to enhance the student's ability to participate in the academic process.
  • Referrals. Academic advisors can refer students to faculty mentors, other campus services, and student success resources.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships exist in the Undergraduate Advising Center; the School of Criminal Justice (SCJ); Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM); the School of Public, Nonprofit, and Health Administration (SPNHA); and the School of Social Work, as well as the Johnson Center for Philanthropy.

Undergraduate Advising: This is a position available for a College Student Affairs Leadership or adult and higher education program student interested in gaining experience in the academic advising profession. The position assists the staff of the CCPS Advising Center in answering questions via phone or electronic communication, meeting with students one-on-one and in groups, reviewing degree requirements, developing academic plans, assisting with registration, and other academic support projects.

Graduate assistants in SCJ, HTM, and SPNHA provide support to faculty with their teaching responsibilities, research and grant activities, and also provide departmental support.

Social work graduate assistants assist with both the B.S.W. and M.S.W. programs, as well as community projects. Graduate assistants at the Johnson Center are Community Research Institute and Nonprofit Services research assistants.

Program Descriptions

If you are in need of assistance please submit any questions or comments.