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2016-2017 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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Master of Health Administration

Requirements for the M.H.A. Master of Health Administration

The curriculum is multidisciplinary (includes health administration, health professions, public and nonprofit management, business, and computing science) and consists of a large required core and a choice of concentration. Other courses, such as PA 680 - Special Topics in Public and Nonprofit Administration (1 to 3 credits), PA 693 - Research Project (3 or 6 credits), or PA 699 - Directed Readings (3 credits) may be substituted for concentration or core courses with advisor approval. The program consists of a total of 48 to 54 credit hours depending on student status.

Student status is determined after program entry. Students are classified as precareer (little or no experience working in the field of healthcare), early career (some experience working in the field of healthcare but little or no management experience) and midcareer (several years' experience working in the field of healthcare and currently holding a management position in the field). Precareer students must complete two internships (6 credits), early career students must complete one internship (3 credits) and midcareer students are not required to complete an internship.

Required Core Credits: 36

Concentrations Credits: 9

There are three concentrations available, one in hospital administration, one in long term care administration and one self-directed concentration for mid-career students.

1. Hospital Administration

(Prerequisites: PA 611 and PA 630 - may be concurrent)


2. Long Term Care Administration.

(Prerequisites: PA 611 and PA 630 - may be concurrent)


3. Self-directed Concentration

(Prerequisites: PA 611 and PA 630 - may be concurrent)

Required: Nine credits selected and preapproved by adviser.

Capstone Credits: 9

(Prerequisites: PA 611 and PA 630 and one additional core course.)

PA 619 is the Capstone Course for the MHA program. It may be substituted with PA 693 - Research Project (3 or 6 credits) .

PA 690 and PA 691 are required for students with less than 3 years of professional experience. Early and mid-career students may, based on health care management experience, have one or both internships waived.

Special topics courses (PA 680) or other graduate-level courses may be substituted for specialization courses with advisor's permission.

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Health Administration Program Description

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