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2016-2017 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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Entrepreneurship Certificate

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ENT Certificate Goal

The goal of the entrepreneurship certificate program is to provide Seidman College of Business students a short track of courses to learn the process and tools, and to develop the skills and experiences necessary to identify and create a sustainable business opportunity.

ENT Certificate Program

The ENT certificate program is comprised of four courses that along with the business core courses help prepare students for an entrepreneurial career while being flexible to the diverse interests and opportunities of students. These courses provide applied opportunity to work with regional entrepreneurs as well as to prepare and launch student owned businesses. An elective course in a variety of areas allows the student to customize their certificate study to the type of business or industry of most interest.

Certificate Requirements

Students must earn a bachelor's degree to earn this certificate. There are four required courses for the ENT certificate program. They do not need to be taken in sequential order except for the following prerequisites: MGT 330 and the core courses ACC 213, FIN 320 and MKT 350 are prerequisites for ENT 350 and ENT 351. Students must achieve a cumulative 2.5 GPA in these four required courses to receive the entrepreneurship certificate designation.


Take one elective from the following list:

Entrepreneurship Program Description

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