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2014-2015 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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Meijer Honors College Requirements

To graduate from the Meijer Honors College, a student must satisfy the following course requirements, which also fulfill the general education and writing skills requirements of the university, as well as the Issues requirement.

University Basic Skills Requirements

1. Writing

Many honors students satisfy this requirement by taking AP English in high school and scoring a 3 or better on the AP test. Completion of any Foundational Interdisciplinary Sequence with a B average satisfies the WRT 150 requirement.

2. Mathematical Sciences

All students must satisfy this requirement by taking one of the following courses or through AP scores of 3 or better in Calculus. Courses satisfying this requirement are:

3. General Education Issues

Honors students satisfy their requirement for two Issues courses by completing the honors curricular requirements. If, on the other hand, a student does not complete the honors curriculum, then they must complete the basic course requirements of the university.

Honors College Requirements

1. Foundational Interdisciplinary Sequence

Honors students will normally complete one of the foundational interdisciplinary sequences. Except in extraordinary circumstances, this sequence should be taken in the first year, as it offers guidance to students in making a transition from high school to university work.

American Civilization, European Civilization, Classical World, Islamic Middle East, Asian Civilization, and African Civilization are regularly offered as two courses per semester for two successive semesters. The Making of Europe is usually offered as one course per semester for four successive semesters. Other options are available from year to year.

American Civilization

Classical World

European Civilization

Islamic Middle East

The Making of Europe

African Civilization

2. Culture Requirements

Students selecting the Meijer Honors College will most often satisfy the U.S. Diversity and World Perspectives requirements with the Foundational Interdisciplinary sequences and/or other specifically designated courses in the Honors College. For example, students taking American Civilization will need a World Perspectives course, while students taking Classical World, European Civilization, Islamic Middle East, and the Making of Europe will need a U.S. Diversity course. Alternatively, a student can take general courses in the greater university that carry the designation World Perspectives (WP) or the United States Diversity (USD), but this does not substitute for a course in the curriculum in the honors college.

3. Honors Social Sciences

Students need two Honors Social Sciences courses, each from a different discipline. They may select an integrated sequence such as Society and Self (HNR 233 and 234), or may take two separate courses. High school advanced placement exams may satisfy an honors social science requirement. Substitutions may also be made if a student's major, minor, or concentration requires it, though the approval of the director must be obtained in this or any other case of substitution. Honors social science courses include:

4. Honors Natural Sciences

All students must take two natural science courses, one in life sciences and one in physical sciences. One must be a course that includes a laboratory component. High school advanced placement exams may satisfy an honors science requirement. Substitutions may also be made if a student's major, minor, or concentration requires another general education science course, though the approval of the director must be obtained in this or any other case of substitution. Honors sciences are as follows:

Physical Sciences: (Choose one)

Life Sciences: (Choose one)


5. Honors Junior Seminar

Each student takes at least one course from among the following during her/his junior or senior year.

6. Honors Senior Project

See course description under course offerings.

General Education Requirements Information

Satisfaction of the Grand Valley general education requirements through completion of the Meijer Honors College curriculum does not add any additional coursework to a student's program. In fact, it often results in a reduction of the number of general education credits required. Each student is encouraged to see either the director or a Meijer Honors College advisor to prepare a course of study, which satisfies university requirements and Honors requirements. There is flexibility in Meijer Honors College planning to meet the needs of various majors.

Students, especially in the prehealth and engineering curricula, should meet regularly with their major advisors as well as with a Meijer Honors College advisor.

The information given in course offerings (below) helps the student and her/his advisor determine which requirements in general education have been satisfied.

Suggested Order of Coursework to Complete Honors

First Year

  • Foundational Interdisciplinary Sequence - 6 credit hours Fall, 6 credit hours Winter.

Second Year

  • Honors Social Sciences and Sciences (in any order)

Third Year

  • Honors Junior Seminar

Fourth Year

  • Honors Senior Project

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