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2014-2015 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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Bachelor of Arts in Classics, Emphasis in Latin

(Minimum 30 credits beyond completion or placement out of LAT 201):

The classical languages, Greek, and Latin emphases offer full courses of undergraduate study in classics that stress the languages and literature of the classical world. Students electing either the Greek or the Latin emphasis focus upon one of the two languages exclusively, whereas those electing the classical languages emphasis have flexibility in pursuing a course of study in both Latin and ancient Greek.

Requirements for a Major in Classics, Latin Emphasis

Core Courses (at least 9 credits)

  • Capstone Requirement: All classics majors take CLA 495 - Notions of the Classics (Capstone) (3 credits) during their senior year.
  • Distributed Classical Civilization (DCC) requirement: Students majoring in classics complete at least 6 credits of instruction in Distributed Classical Civilization (DCC) courses. DCC courses are intended to introduce students to the interdisciplinary dimension of classics and to provide detailed instruction in selected methods of inquiry and particular aspects of Greco-Roman civilization. Most DCC courses also fulfill certain general education requirements. Students have two options for fulfilling the DCC Requirement:

Option 1 (6 Credits)

Complete one course from each of the following lists:

List A:

List B:

Option 2 (12 Credits):

Additional Courses (21 credits)

At least 21 credits of instruction in Latin at 202-level or above, including at least 18 credits at 300-level or above.

Classics Program Description

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