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2012-2013 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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International Business - Program Description

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A major in international business develops a students ability to meet the challenges of the global business environment. The major trains students to identify and develop appropriate solutions to problems that are unique to doing business internationally. The international business major provides students with a strong grounding in international aspects of business by offering upper-level courses in international management, marketing, finance, accounting, and economics. An important component of the international business major is the requirement that students complete coursework in nonbusiness international culture and foreign languages, and participate in a study abroad program.

Students who pursue the international business major are required to complete a second Seidman major in a functional discipline (such as finance, marketing, accounting, etc.) and a minor in a foreign language or demonstrated proficiency in a foreign language, AND they are required to participate in a Grand Valley approved study abroad experience. For students with F1 visas, certain program requirement substitutions may be made. Students should contact the Seidman Undergraduate Student Services Office early in their program for a suggested pattern of coursework.

Career Opportunities

Large and small companies throughout the world are searching for employees who understand global business and can successfully operate in the international marketplace. As more companies increase their business activities around the world, they are looking for employees who have knowledge of world events, different cultures, alternative business practices, and a working competence in a second language. You may find career opportunities in areas such as international sales and marketing, international logistics and freight forwarding, consulting and strategic planning for international expansion, or international human resource management.

The following programs are available:

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