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2012-2013 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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Doctor of Physical Therapy


Admission to the Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • All application and supporting documents have a receipt deadline of October 15.
  • Completion of Bachelors' degree and prerequisite coursework. All prerequisites must be taken for letter grades. The prerequisites and undergraduate degree must be completed by the first day of classes of the professional program. Students in process of completing these must submit a written plan outlining courses and degree completion (include course name, number, credit hours, semester and university.)
Prerequisite Course Name GVSU Course Equivalent
Introductory biology (that includes cellular structure and function) with lab BIO 120
Anatomy with lab BMS 208 and 309
Physiology with lab BMS 290 and 291
Exercise physiology MOV 304
College algebra, trigonometry or calculus MTH 122, 123, 125, or 201
Statistics STA 215
Two sequential courses in physics with lab PHY 220 and 221
Introductory psychology PSY 101
Lifespan developmental psychology PSY 364
Introductory sociology, social problems or cultural anthropology SOC 201, SOC 205, or ANT 204
  • Students must have a minimum average GPA of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale in prerequisite course requirements, and a 3.2 overall GPA to be considered for admission.
  • The GRE score from the general test and writing test must be submitted prior to the application deadline. No subject tests are required.
  • Communication and interpersonal skills. Onsite interview may be required. Practice interviews for GVSU student and alumni are available by contacting Career Services.
  • Two letters of recommendation must be submitted. One must be from a licensed physical therapist.
  • Observational experience. A minimum of 50 hours of observational experience in physical therapy. The experience may be on a volunteer or paid basis. Examples of clinical settings include in-patient, out-patient, extended care, and school.
  • Additional activities. Additional educational, professional, leadership, scholarly and volunteer activities are valued and must be documented on the PT Abbreviated Resume form.
  • Individuals must be able to perform all technical standards of the physical therapy program.
  • Foreign born applicants must be able to communicate well in English. The following minimal scores are expected: TOEFL 610 or computer-based TOEFL 253.

Requirements for the DPT

Demonstration of completion of the 120 credits in the professional curriculum is required for completion of the Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Professional Program Requirements for the DPT

Curriculum for Doctor of Physical Therapy

First Year

Fall Credits: 15

Winter Credits: 16

Spring/Summer Credits: 17

First five weeks:

Next eight weeks:

Second Year

Fall Credits: 17

Winter Credits: 15

First six weeks:

Next eight weeks:

Spring/Summer Credits: 13

Third Year

Fall Credits: 12

Winter Credits: 9

Winter -Optional:

Spring/Summer Required 6

Physical Therapy Program Description

Click here for the program description.

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