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2012-2013 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology

This program is an interdepartmental major offered jointly by the departments of Biology and Psychology. Students may earn either a B.A. or B.S. degree in biopsychology.

Requirements for a Major in Biopsychology

The following psychology courses are required for biopsychology majors:

In addition

The following related courses are also required:

Course Restrictions in the major

Students should note that no more than six credit hours of PSY 399 and 499 may be counted toward the major if students choose to take these courses.

Students may earn either a B.A. or B.S. degree


The B.A. degree requires third-semester proficiency in a foreign language.


For the B.S. degree, students must complete the degree cognate from either the psychology or biology departments:


Students who choose the psychology cognate must complete the psychology Capstone (PSY 492).


Students who choose the biology cognate must complete the biology Capstone (BIO 495).

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