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2012-2013 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

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Professors: Pozzi, Wright; Associate Professors: Fidalgo-Eick, Gomez, Moret, Vrooman, Watts; Assistant Professors: Fortes, Fox, Lara, Menke, Serrata, Yancey, Yen.

Requirements for a Major in Spanish

Students majoring in Spanish are required to take a minimum of 33 credits in this subject beyond the 200-level, including SPA 321, 322, one civilization and culture course (from SPA 310, 311, 312 or 313), one Survey of Literature course (either SPA 331 OR SPA 332), SPA 330, one 400-level literature course, and SPA 495 (Capstone). In addition, students seeking secondary certification must take a second civilization and culture course, SPA 314, and SPA 335, for a total of 36 credits. All students are urged to declare the major at the beginning of their sophomore year and to take courses beyond the minimum number, particularly those in civilization and culture and literature. Students should also seriously contemplate taking advantage of the various semester and year-long study abroad opportunities, and they are encouraged to consider a minor that will complement the major such as Latin American Studies, business, or another language.

Credits for 101, 102, 150, 201, 202, 203, or 204 will not be counted toward the major or minor.

Suggested Order of Coursework for a Major in Spanish

Note: Majors may also take any of the Spanish for the professions courses as electives at any time.

In order to complete the program in four years, work toward the major should begin in a students sophomore year. The suggested distribution of courses is as follows:

Sophomore Year

First Semester:

Second Semester:

Junior Year

First Semester:

Second Semester:

Teaching Majors

Teaching majors should take:

Senior Year

First Semester:

Teaching Majors

At this point, teaching majors should take the following course:

  • SPA 335 - Introduction to Spanish Linguistics Credits: 3

Second Semester:

  • SPA 495 - Cross-National Literary Movements (Capstone) Credits: 3


Majors may also take any of the Spanish for the professions courses as electives at any time.

Classes are conducted primarily in Spanish.

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