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2012-2013 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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Advising Resources and Special Programs

Advising Resources and Special Programs

"Advising Resources and Special Programs (ARSP) provides students and the greater community with academic advising, support services, and resources to complete educational and career goals. ARSP values individualism, promotes diversity, encourages professionalism and collaboration, endorses scholarship, and advocates life-long learning."

- Mission Statement

Academic Advising

Pre-Major Advising

200 Student Services Building (616) 331-3588

Pre-major advisors are available to advise students who have not yet declared a major. Advisors help explore possible majors, assist with scheduling, and provide assistance with study skills development. Once students declare their major, they are referred to their major department for advising.

Transfer Student Advising

200 Student Services Building (616) 331-3588

Transfer Student Advising provides academic support to transfer students in their transition to Grand Valley.

Student Support

Disability Support Services (DSS)

200 Student Services Building (616) 331-2490

Disability Support Services provides services and accommodations that enhance the learning environment for students with disabilities. DSS also educates the Grand Valley State University community about disability issues.

Educational Support Program (TRiO)

200 Student Services Building (616) 331-3401

Educational Support Program (ESP) provides academic support services (academic advising, study skills instruction, and career planning) to first-generation, financially eligible college students at Grand Valley.

EXCEL Program

200 Student Services Building (616) 331-3780

The EXCEL Program is designed to provide academic services (advising, study skills development, career exploration, and specialized tutoring) to a diverse student community.

Early Alert and Student Success Program

200 Student Services Building

(616) 331-3588

The Early Alert and Student Success Program is designed to assist students who are experiencing academic as well as other difficulties during their time at Grand Valley State University. Through Early Alert, faculty and staff contribute directly to retention by assisting with the early detection and intervention strategies for students who are doing poorly in class, chronically absent from class, or experiencing other kinds of problems that affect academic performance. There are three components of EASS: Graduation Persistence Assistance (GPA), Secondary Admit Program Grade Point Average Requirement Assistance (SAGPA), Early Alert Support Services (EAS).

LAKER Academic Center

165 Field House

(616) 331-3328

The athletic advisor provides one-on-one academic advising and support to student athletes. Students maintain a regular schedule of appointments to help with academic success and ensure athletic eligibility.

Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program (TRiO)

230 Student Services Building (616) 331-3441

The McNair Scholars Program provides research opportunities and academic advising to talented (3.0 grade point average or higher) juniors pursuing an education beyond a baccalaureate degree. The goal of the program is to provide assistance to under-represented minorities and financially eligible first-generation college students who wish to obtain a doctoral degree.

Testing Services

200 Student Services Building (616) 331-3588

Testing Services offers math placement testing, WRT 305 placement testing, College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), the Comprehensive English Language Test (CELT) for speakers of English as a second language, and accommodated testing for students with disabilities.

Grand Valley's math placement testing is offered for students wishing to challenge their math placement. Testing is offered several times a semester.

WRT 305, Writing in the Disciplines, is a junior-level writing course requirement. Students have the opportunity to meet this requirement based on a satisfactory score on an assessment essay. The WRT 305 assessment essay is offered three times a semester.

Grand Valley State University is an open test center for CLEP, which is offered once per month. Credit is granted for subject examinations offered by CLEP. Minimum score requirements are listed in the Credit by Exam brochure:

The CELT is a pre-admission requirement for Grand Valley applicants who speak English as a second language. CELT is offered once per month.


201 Student Services Building (616) 331-3451
101B DeVos Center (616) 331-6407

Students can schedule a tutor in most 100- and 200-level courses or attend open tutoring sessions as scheduled. Students are encouraged to request tutors early in the semester. Tutoring is also available at our satellite campuses. All tutoring is free of charge.

Open math lab is available in 2250 MAK.

Academic Standards and Other Services

200 Student Services Building (616) 331-3588

Course Evaluations and Substitutions

  • Responsible for course evaluations and substitutions for General Education Foundation requirements and degree cognate requirements.
  • Academic Review Committee: Review appeals of the withdrawal deadline and the Petition to Return process.
  • Credit Overload appeals: Review appeals to enroll in more than 20 credits in a semester.
  • Residency Waiver requests: Review appeals to take a class or classes at another institution during the final 30 semester hours.
  • Emergency Notification: It is the responsibility of the student to notify their professors of attendance issues. ARSP will contact students' professors in cases of extended illness, death, or family emergencies, etc. This process does not excuse students from classes, but serves as an official notification to professors. Students are responsible for making arrangements with professors about missed work.

University-wide Activities


ARSP provides coordination and administrative support for Freshman Orientation and Transfer Student Orientation.


ARSP provides academic advising information to support Transitions, the fall orientation program.

Awards Banquet

ARSP assists in coordinating the annual Awards Banquet, recognizing outstanding students from each academic program.

Phi Kappa Phi

ARSP administers Grand Valley's chapter membership and initiation ceremony for the largest and most highly respected academic honor society that recognizes and promotes academic excellence in all fields of higher education.


  • Advising Resources for Faculty and Professional Advisors
  • Student Advising Guide
  • Choosing a Major booklet
  • Credit by Exam brochure
  • Not Sure About Your Major brochure


Athletes Who Care

165 Field House (616) 331-3328

Through the LAKER Advising Center, student-athletes provide services in a broad scope of volunteer and community service experiences.

Student Transfer Enrollment Partnership (STEP)

Grand Rapids Community College (616) 331-3588

A collaborative transfer assistance project between Grand Rapids Community College and Grand Valley State University...reaching out to GRCC students to help them ultimately achieve a bachelor's degree through Grand Valley State University.

Educational Talent Search (TRiO)

104 Eberhard Center (616) 331-7110

Provides information and a broad range of educational and career services to West Michigan residents who are interested in continuing or resuming their education. The advisors in this program also work with school-age community members to encourage them to pursue higher education.

Upward Bound Program (TRiO)

230 Student Services Center (616) 331-3441

Upward Bound is designed to help high school students prepare for college. The program has an academic year component and a summer residential component.

Upward Bound Math and Science Program (TRiO)

230 Student Services Center (616) 331-3441

This program helps qualified high school students who plan to go to college and pursue a career in math or science.

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