Facility & Equipment

The Biomechanics and Motor Performance Laboratory is located in CHS 215, Cook DeVos Center for Health Sciences of the GVSU Grand Rapids DeVos Campus.

Motion recorded in biomechanics lab

Dance modeling


The lab is equipped with:

  • Eight Vicon MX-T40 cameras and Nexus motion capture software 
  • Three AMTI Optima digital force platforms and adjustable mounting rail system
  • Portable AMTI force platform and ramp to evaluate static balance and gait 
  • The Motion Labs Systems MA-300 16-channel EMG system 
  • The Kistler Gaitway instrumented (force-measuring) treadmill 
  • Biodex Medical Multi-Joint System, with trunk flexion/extension and lift-task capabilities
  • NeuroCom SMART EquiTest and clinical research systems products
  • Standard biplanar videography synchronized with three-dimensional motion capture
  • Dartfish™ Technology is used for two-dimensional analysis

We use the following software for data analysis, modeling, and simulation:

  • Nexus motion capture software
  • C-Motion Visual3D
  • OpenSim

Page last modified February 13, 2017