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Brent Nowak

Brent Nowak

Executive Director, applied Medical Device Institute (aMDI)


Dr. Nowak is the founding Executive Director of the applied Medical Device Institute (aMDI).  aMDI is a non-academic unit of the College of Engineering and Computing that provides doctoral-level, multi-disciplinary engineering analysis, design, fabrication, and testing of emerging medical devices and science at the pace of industry, while serving a broad range of clients from the healthcare to medical device manufacturing industries.  His current research focus is in sensing and control of adaptive systems as applied to medical devices.  His work in medical devices has led to over a dozen patent/patent pending, as well as copy-written code in heuristic, adaptive control algorithms.  several of these developments are in active licensing negotiations, resulting in the incubation of a new medical device company, SynOsteo, Inc (OrthoForge).  Dr. Nowak is the founder and CEO of OrthoForge. His career has been a balance between academia and industry, as Dr. Nowak proudly works in the “applied” research domain where nearly 90% of his work today is in industrial, military, or commercial use.  

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