Athletic Training Professional Organizations

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Michigan Athletic Training Society

Is a state level professional organization for athletic trainers, athletic training students, and those who seek to promote the profession.  The objective of MATS is to advance, encourage and improve the Athletic Training profession in the state of Michigan through education, legislation, and other professional opportunities.

Areas of interest for athletic training students are:

  • MATS Annual Meeting - held in June for both professional and student athletic trainers.
  • Athletic Training MATS Student Scholarship - due annually at the end of March
  • Serve on the MATS Student Committee
    • The student committee is currently being restructured.  In Spring of 2021 there will be a new committee called the MATS Early Career Advancement Committee (MATS EC Committee).  This past year MATS has considered and moved forward with a merger of the Young Professional Committee (YPC) and the MATS Athletic Training Student Committee (ATSC).  The priority is to focus on how MATS can best serve student (pre-AT and MAT) and young professional members.  The goal of combining the two committees is to better transition the early learner into practice and continue the transition from early practice to professional.  The new committee will strive to provide athletic training students and recent graduates opportunities in networking, career progression, engagement, and promote development socially and professionally within the field of athletic training.  More information from MATS is yet to be released.
  • Serve as the MATS Student Council on Early Career Athletic Trainers (CECAT) to GLATA - Applications due in December
    • The student senate position requires an individual who possesses a positive attitude, displays a desire to participate and contribute, and is willing to represent students from the state of Michigan in a positive manner. Applicants must be willing to encourage students to become involved in the athletic training profession at any level, be informed of issues in athletic training that may affect students and future professionals, and participate in all functions required of a CECAT. At the district level, the student senators are primarily responsible for planning and implementing the GLATA Winter Meeting Student Education Program (SEP), encouraging students to attend the SEP from the state of Michigan, and learn the governance structure at the district and state level. At the state level, the Michigan student CECAT will serve in an advisory capacity to the Athletic Training Student Committee and participate in executive council functions through MATS. 

Membership Fees:

  • Non-Certified Student - $10
  • Certified Professional - $35

(you can be a member of just this organization only or pay for NATA membership which includes this fee)

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Great Lakes Athletic Trainers' Association

GLATA (Great Lakes Athletic Trainers' Association) strives to enhance the quality of health care for the physically active, promote the athletic trainer and advance the profession of athletic training through education and research in the prevention, evaluation, management and rehabilitation of injuries. In 1950, NATA (National Athletic Trainers' Association) and District 4, the GLATA, was established.  GLATA represents District 4 of the National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA). As part of the federation of the 10 NATA districts, GLATA integrated with the national association, but operate independently with their own board and agenda. However, membership dues for District 4 are paid along with your NATA dues.

Areas of interest for students:

  • GLATA Student Senator MATS representative (see above)
  • GLATA Annual Symposium - they have a professional and student tracks held in March

There is no separate membership, you must be a member of NATA (See below).

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National Athletic Trainers’ Association

The National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) is the professional membership association for certified athletic trainers and others who support the athletic training profession. Founded in 1950, the NATA has grown to more than 43,000 members worldwide today. 

Areas of interest for students:

  • NATA Annual Convention - For professional and Student Track
  • Research Grants
  • Scholarships
  • NATA Student Resources - Connect, Resources and Ways to Get Involved.
  • Career Center - Current Job Postings and Graduate Assistant positions.
  • Young Professional Committee - was created to address issues of athletic trainers who are in the first 12 years after initial certification/licensure. It develops strategies to increase recruitment, retention, volunteer involvement and convention attendance among young athletic training professionals. The YPC provides programs, activities and educational opportunities to address young professional needs. The committee also promotes professional socialization of young professionals.
  • Statements - Position, Official, Consensus, and Support Statements

Membership Fees for Michigan Residents

  • Non-Certified Student = $75
  • Certified Student = $114
  • Certified Professional = $259

(the fee includes memberships to GLATA and MATS)

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