State Licensure and Advanced Regulation

Certification of Education Process*:

1.  Visit the appropriate Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs page for the state in which you will be employed and print the appropriate form.  

2.  Completely filled out the form (including all appropriate signatures).

3.  Mail the completed form and a self addressed stamped envelope addressed to the required address to:

                        Shari Bartz-Smith  1 Campus Drive - 4400-A KHS, Allendale, MI  49401

4. Dr. Bartz-Smith will complete her portion of the form and forward to Records

5. Records will place the seal on the form and place the form in the mail.

*Please note that you will complete the rest of the licensure application and mail separately on your own.  You will also be responsible for having your transcripts sent which can be done by contacting the Records office.

**Do not send any money or checks, only the verification of education form. 

**Typical processing time is one week within the 9 month academic calendar year, and 2 weeks mid-June to mid-August.

Page last modified February 26, 2021